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What Are the 7 Steps To Become A Wealthy Person As You Desire?  

Here are the most important lists that I put together to keep reminding myself of my daily life, and I would like to share them with you. 

1. The Power of “Purpose” And How Can We Learn From It?

What Are My Life Purposes?
What Are My Life Purposes? 🧐

Let’s discover the power of the “PULL” that will link to our life purpose. If we are a person who has a purpose in our life, we will have “something” to go for, and this “something” should have a lot of meaning, it is a purpose that can bring another something to us, our goals can pull us to our better future.

If we do not have any purpose of going forward in our life, or if we get too much influence by the past, what will happen is we would end at the same place we where we used to be. Or, if we got influenced by distraction, we will tend to pull ourselves to the side, then we stop and never do anything more to move forward.

To get the power of ‘Purpose,” we need to create a list of our high purposes. Once we have the list, it will pull us toward our future. And the real power of our objectives is its stronger “PULL.”

And another great thing we will have is, it pulls us through to any challenges and all kinds of difficulties.

If we don’t have a strong pull from our purpose of life, it is easy for us to get fall into a bad day. We may be going to spend our lives in an abysmal month.

When coming to the end of the year, we start to realize that we didn’t achieve anything in that year, it is because we don’t have something to pull us beyond that year.

So, if we want something to pull us through all the challenges and difficulties and things that come at us, we got to have something out there, beyond today, beyond next week, next month, and beyond that year.

Another real power of “Purpose” is, it gives us a chance to create images that gives our mind more clearer on how to achieve our life purpose.

When we have a clear purpose, mindset, and a healthy heart to work, there are many things we can accomplish if we have many useful input and ideas.

2. Our Self-Confidence. 

Yes! I Am Very Confidence

Where does the self-confidence come?

Here the answer I have learned from Jim Ron, the world-renown motivation speaker. 

According to Jim Ron again, self-confidence is also more about how we feel good about ourselves.

And, the best time to explore well about ourselves is at the end of the day, the time we know what we have we put it on, we already did our best for that day.

For instance, if we conduct a meeting or presentation on that day, we did our best. If we make a phone call, it was the best phone we can make. If we write a blog to post on our own money making website, and we already wrote almost a perfect blog we ever wrote.

At the end of those kinds of days, when we feel great about what we have done, we feel proud of ourselves. Then our self-confidence starts to rise. 

We know that when we can have this kind of meaningful days, we can also have another great week, create another impressive month, and build a fantastic and powerful year. 

Self-Confidence comes from a lack of neglect. We should not neglect to do all the small daily discipline, every day, day by day. Another important thing is good health also can build good self-confidence. If we eat clean and healthy every day, going for a walk and jogging daily, takes supplements regularly.

When we have done all those stuff, we will feel more youthful, and our self-confidence will grow and double up. Self-esteem will benefit us and have a good effect on our future.

Another meaning of self-confidence is we should do whatever it takes to achieve. Some people may say, “I will do it for a short time of period and see what we come up later,” another person may say, “I will try a few things to see if it works; if not, I will not do it again.” And we all know that kind of person surely will not have a great future.

For instance, if we need to learn a couple of things, we will learn and master it. Just like if we do not know how to design our website to make some handsome income out of it, then we should start to learn the technic and ways to make it. I f we need to learn 5 -6 things, we should learn all the six items, not only five or less.

You Can Do This!

I Won’t Say I Can’t

If we need to take extra efforts to understand somethings better, we need to make those efforts without any excuses.

If we need to read a book in a week, we have to make it happen.

Most importantly, if we need to consult from people or community who knows more than we know, we should do all the necessary steps to get their consultation. By all means, if we do anything it takes, we will start to develop unbelievable self-confidence.

“Self-confidence also comes from the ability to raise about your circumstances, To rise above what happens, the pity little things. The discouraging things that will sink everyone else ships accept yours. That caused someone else quite early but you keep going” 

Jim Ron

So to say, self-confidence gives us all the willingness to overcome all the circumstances. Whether small or significant challenges, if we are willing to do that, this kind of power will make ourselves different.

3. The Power Of Enthusiasm

Enthusiasm is intense and eager enjoyment, interest, or approval. The most powerful energy is the 90% enthusiasm that comes from inside, 10% come from outside.

The excitement that comes genuinely from inside us created by self-confidence and by purposes. It also created by our willingness to help other people.

That kind of enthusiasm is about knowing we are going to get our job done. Knowing what we have done will effects people, knowing that we will have all kinds of testimonies flow in from all sorts of directions.

A lot of this 90% enthusiasm is quiet and unheard of. And, the rest of 10% is the one ring the bells. The excitement is the thing that motivates us to do the best jobs that we can.

4. The Expertise Or Excellent In Skills. 

This Is My Skill 😁

Remember, to master in all the skills and to settle for nothing less than outstanding performance.

If we are willing to be the expert in our fields, if we are ready to demand ourselves to be excellent in our skills, we can be the best that we can be.

For instance, we do our best that we possibly can in the training, workshop, developing our skills using our personality, and improving the language, influence, and organizing.

If we are willing to be an expert in all those skills, we will make a lot of money, make a handsome living, and enjoy the most healthy and luxurious lifestyle that we possibly could.

5. Preparation Is A Must. 

I Am Well Prepared
I Am Always Well Prepared 😎

In life, we always need to be well prepared.

In preparation, we will get involved with a whole lot of things.

A significant share of our life is about development and training too.

When we were in first grade in school, we started to prepare for the second grade, after we finished the second grade, we began making for the third grade and so on.

When we start dating, we begin to prepare for our wedding event, and when we married to our partner, we begin to have children and family life.
It is no doubt that so much preparation we need to do in our entire life.

Sometimes we feel like it takes longer to get our performance or results. But in fact, it takes a longer time to prepare and get ready. And the decision that we made during preparation time is the decision that lasts for a lifetime.

If we plan to have a great day today, the preparation should be made the night before or a couple of days before we are going to put everything together.

For example, if we prepare for a meeting in advance a few days or weeks before, we are taking serious about the meeting.

This kind of preparation is essential because we want to contribute to our conference, work, workshop, etc. And the results upon that preparation usually will be great and amazing.

In life, we need to prepare for our success. No successful life appears without any preparation or comes unprepared. We need to adapt to do the right thing, use our time wisely by doing homework, and then take action.

If we do not do preparation or we are an unprepared person, our fortune all could be wasted if we didn’t get in touch in the person with the person that we should get in touch, for things that we need to get it done.

So not only look for fortune or promise but let’s prepare ourselves. And, ask ourselves what we can do to make ourselves ready?

“Life is to be given not only to what we design to what we desire, what we need, but also to be given to what we deserve.”


Every life has value to be paid for, and those who pay are the one will get it. Those who gave will receive it. We don’t have to become a receiver at all times. Just become a good giver, become a searcher, a seeker, and prepare better ideas for our life and future.

Be well prepared for the great opportunity. The reality is, the opportunity comes along and passingly for the person who is not well prepared. 

They are a few essential self reminders and questions we need to ask ourself before we do any preparations: 

  • I want to prepare myself this year for next year. 
  • Yes, I am ready this year, but I also need to think about what the ideas that I can make to be better next year are? 
  • How can my thoughts be more productive, sharper, more precise, and more powerful? 

6. The Great Power of Self-Reliance. 

I Rely On My Self
I Rely On My Self 🥺

Self-reliance means we look to ourselves. It’s helpful if we always become a receiver.

But the truth is that it is better to rely on ourselves rather than expecting to get something we want from other people.

It is because we are responsible for ourselves.

And the best thing to do is to learn the necessary skills and then help other people discover their abilities. Self-reliance also means that primary we learn to count on ourselves without keeping complaining and explaining what can not do.

7. Our Image if What Others Like To See in Us. 

I Think I Looks Amazing 😍

The image that we have in other peoples is significant. It is how other people look at us?

If they don’t see us as a leader, an influencer, or they don’t see us in control.

Chances of wanting to work with us and partnering with us can be very slim because they don’t have trust in us.

If they don’t see we know what we are doing, what we are going to accomplish, usually they won’t follow us and show respect to us.

If people can see us as someone in charge, someone can take control well enough in any situation, life, and destiny. Furthermore, if they can see us as a skillful person, an expert, they will most likely love to learn from us, follow and listen to us, respect, and trust us.

This kind of image is powerful and can attract a lot of peoples. The way we dress, the way we talk, our capacity for learning, and the way we think are part of the images we present to others.

In life, sometimes we should look at the past and look round us. We may be able to predict what is coming in front of us. The most important is also to look at ourselves in the mirror, look, and see how we appear to other people?

How we seem to ourselves is equally essential—that kind of image leads us to develop our self-confidence and self-reliance.

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‘Self-confidence will come if first of all, we not neglecting the small daily discipline” 

Jim Ron

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