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The Things That Bartender Do.

How Often Usually You Will Visit A Bar To Grab A Few Drinks In A Week?

Lifestyle 2020
This Is My Job 🍷

After a hard day at work, many of us maybe choose to rest and drink at home.

However, certain people prefer to drink alone or with friends at their favorite bar, especially on Friday night. Some regular bar visitors like to call the bar that they frequently visit as their second home.

Everyone who goes to the bar always knows why they want to visit the bar. Some of them go to the bars after they had heartbroken in a relationship or fight with their boyfriend or girlfriend, husband, or wife. So to say, Bar customers who visit the bars have a different reason to visit the bar.

Still, their objectives more or less are the same, to drink something to make them feel good or feel drunk, to make them feel better after a hard situation or to drink to make some new friends, if they are lucky enough, he or she may bring someone home after that night due to loneliness.

Sometimes before we arrive at the bar, we already have in mind what kind of drink we will drink. Sometimes we don’t plan in mind what we want to drink for that evening.

From the moment we enter the bar, we may be greeted by a friend who knows us before or the service staff or the bartender. Then we start to decide what to drink. I see some other regular bar visitors always drink only their favorite drink and will never want to try something new or different kind of drink.

Has Anyone Ever Neglect The Bartenders?

Enjoy Your Drink Sir! 🥃

In my opinion, regardless of a bar manager, bar supervisor, waiter, or waitress, the job of a bartender also plays a crucial role in the bar.

I mention this because their responsibility not only to prepare a drink for us but also to ensure all orders are taken care of well and quick enough to serve the customers.

Most bartender required to check the stock and inventory before the bar open or after the bar closed. Besides, bartenders often wash all the glasses, and they need to make sure all glasses are clean, shiny, and without any crack. The reason cracking glass may cause an accident to their customers. 

Here Are Some Of My Experience Sitting At The Bar

It’s Time For A Few Drinks

Usually, I like to visit bars once or twice a week, some weeks maybe three times.

And often, I only visit bars that I am very comfortable with and bar that I feel safer. I like to sit at the bar counter.

Although my objective to the bar can be different every time, mainly are for relaxing purposes, finding some inspirations about my work, thinking, and planning what to do for the next day, weeks, or months.

And because of sitting at the bar counter, very often I have the chance to interact and talk to the bartender. They usually will not miss asking me how am I doing for the day?

When they are so comfortable talking to me and seeing me as one of their regular customers, the bartender started to ask more in-depth about my personal life, about my work, my hobbies, and so on. Sometimes they shared their life experiences and their hobbies for me to listen to and comments on.

I guess talking to customers who sit at the bar is also part of their duty, especially for a customer who always like to visit the bar alone like me. I felt not so lonely when I am talking to them, and sometimes they ask me to feedback about their bar service level or performance, the cocktails that they make for me.

The most exciting part was, sometimes they shared some jokes to make me laugh.

From time to time, I did observe them when they talk to other customers. Some bar customers can be very nasty and like to behave very rudely toward the bartenders, especially when the customer starting to drunk badly. However, the majority of bar customers are very friendly to the bartenders.

Some customers can be very generous when coming to tip the bartender, and some are not. There is also some bar customer who tries to get a free drink by using some tricks. This world always has many kinds of people with different characters and behaviors.

Another most challenging situation I came across when the bartender tries to stop a bar customer from start to fight or arguing with another customer. Some bartender is very kind to offer cold towels or cold water to the customer that already so drunk and advised the customer to slow down their drinks or stop drinking.

Lifestyle 2020
Don’t Drink And drive 🥃

My Conclusions About Bartenders

I think bartender, including any other workers in the bar, for instance, bar manager, cleaner, waiter or waitress are deserved to have some respect from the customers who visited their bar. Often people like to say “Customer is the King.” Unfortunately, I am not 100% agree and not so convince about that statement. In my opinion, Cash is the real king.

Lastly, my advice to peoples who love to visit bars regularly, do drink wisely, and let us drink alcohol, do not allow the alcohol to drink us instead. Don’t drink and drive.

If you are drinking to forget, remember to pay in advance before you get loaded.

Let’s drink for Lifestyle. Cheers!

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