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Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

To keep or to let go? It is the beginning of 2020; many of us have the same question during the first quarter of each year. Many employees may be considered for changing jobs and pursuing different careers, leaving for the company that they have worked for several reasons.

How about you? Have you ever have such kind of thought too?

Perhaps, you have been asking yourself what you need to do to move closer to achieve your dreams in life. Sometimes you feel overloaded, overwhelming, and don’t feel people appreciate you, you thought you are under-appreciated. It would be best if you had the determination and put everything in a proper perspective. This connection will determine who you are.

Never Too Late
Never Too Late

Sometimes you tired of all the things, all peoples or incidents. How about try looking at what your heart desires?

What does your heart want? Which is a healthy relationship? Not just romantically, but friendships, colleagues, you want to receive as much as you giving to others.

And it is just a matter of time because you deserve to receive it.

As for myself, I am also used to be an employee of a corporate company. I could understand how you feel. For many of us, not just to make any sudden move, with your money or career, or changing a life partner.

We need to be consistent in our commitment, because what you need in your life is enjoyable, and less stress.

It would be best if you are also getting some rest some time, have fun and play, including joy in your life. Be patient with your process and your journey, because it is an opportunity to reflect on what you want, rather than shift and make a significant move in your life. Usually, your patience will pay off.

I Am Still Thinking And Considering…

How Much You Love Yourself?

Most importantly, you need to take good care of yourself, especially your health, your work habit, and how you feed yourself, mentally, emotionally, and fiscally.

So your work will continue as long as you taking good care of yourself.

Try to put yourself first, putting your health first. Develop as many skills as you can while you still have a job to work.

If you need something from others, not being shy to ask. And you will be looking at who has your back, which you can trust. Who can you let in? Is there any red flag? It is essential that you love you more than you need to keep anybody in your life. It is my sincere advice to you here.

If you have energy, patience, desire, drive, those are positive energies flow for your life. Those are powerful energy, and you shouldn’t merely underestimate them.

Those energies will energize you in self-confidence, creative self-expression, love, romance, creativity, children, love affair, speculation, and taking risks—it all about you being healthy, be secure, and going after what you want.

So to say, although you ever think of changing jobs, sometimes you don’t have to make a significant move in our career.

For some of you, you may be about to compete for something, and you may in the process of completing a project. Or you could be completing a course that you have been taking, a relationship, or a job situation.

Whatever is completing at this time, allow it, let it go, bless it for what it thought you, and put it in a rearview mirror. If it’s time to let it go, then have to let go, if not yet the right time, then really focus on your heart desire. All it is about your strength; it is about what you need this time in your life.


Believe In Yourself

Hey, you can do it, whatever your heart desire, make it happen, don’t hold back, because this is your time to shine, and it is your time to focusing on sole desire.

Think about what is more important in your life? And also what you can let go now? So that you can achieve your dreams, moving closer to making it happen.

Ask yourself, what do you want to accomplish in 2020? Do you want to start a big business? If yes, is it the right time to do so? Do you already well prepare for that? Or, Do you want to find the loved one for your life? If you do, are you ready to accept a person who comes into your life?

Sometimes you need to wait a little bit, and you no need to risk making the significant move with your money or career because if a deal is good, it will be okay. Sometimes you need to wait for enough information to make a meaningful decision or reformation.

Making Bad Or rush Decision Sometimes It Can Come Back To Bite You.

Some people just emotionally making decisions and making a necessary change suddenly without proper planning. In my opinion, you need to be careful, because the situation may harm you later, especially during the pandemic and uncertain economic situation at the moment.

At least to wait until you assured that you would be handling the change. Or you should take more time on this. So be careful about that because sometimes it just not the best energy for decision making.

Besides, it better to ask again what you have been looking for in your life? Does it worth making a rash decision? If the opportunity is excellent, even it only come in the next six month, it is still a great opportunity.
So if you are searching for a new job, new location, new inspiration. Think about what you want in your life.

Sometimes we need to step back and look again, how can you make a positive change to move forward, to get what you want. Being patience, because it all about being patient. Here the keyword is “Planning.” Successful given to those who are planning.

Not making the rush move or rush decision, base on your emotion, but base on your strategic planning. Like what you plan to do for the next three months? After that, think about what you plan to do for the next six months? Or even a year from now. You going be really to do whatever you desire.

All it about strategic, planning, ambitions. In a specific case, it is not about being in a hurry, changing your job, or moving to another career, business. Only when you are planning something, you going to be very successful.

If you jump and shift real quick, you may find that you got out of the ship, but you not sure where you are going to land. You know, maybe you think you should wait for the right moment, a bit longer. Planning is essential, and everyone would agree with it. 

We all learn about planning since we are at school, then we will are at work, even we also need to plan how we want to retire. It means planning is something we should not ignore.

Once you plan well, you can have a better focus on the next step you want to proceed, and you will also feel less stress at that time. Potentially you could end up getting what you want, the type of job you even dream of, or anything you desire to do next.

For planning usually need time. Without sufficient time to plan will lead to having not enough time to think carefully. If the decision you are going to make has a powerful impact on your life, you may need a longer time for your brain to think.

Some time is also good to consult our family members, close friends, or professionals.

Yes! I Heard You 🎧

Listen To Your Heart

Thinking and planning are only part of it.

Whatever you want and you can achieve as long as you put your heart into it.

You are going to be successful. If your heart not in it, it will not going to work for you.

Because your heart drives you, if you hear from your soul asking you to do something, you will do it. If your heart is not in there anymore, the chances of you moving out to something else is higher.

So if your heart is not in it anymore, you need to think about your exit strategy? So you can gratefully move out into this and doing what your heart desired. So think about what is best for you?

If money wasn’t a concern for you, what you will be doing? Then take the money out of the question, think about what you can do? Travel? Or just do nothing for a while? So think about what your heart has been looking for, let your heart lead the way.

That may be the right solution for that moment. Just remember to take time to plan will lead to having enough time to think carefully.

Our finest moments are most likely to occur when we are feeling deeply uncomfortable, unhappy, or unfulfilled. For it is only in such moments, propelled by our discomfort, that we are likely to step out of our ruts and start searching for different ways or truer answers.

M. Scott Peck

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