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Why I Am So Confuse About My Life?

The answer is when you wake up every morning, look in the mirror & give yourself a big smile. The smile will be a big gift of the day.


Sometimes we heard a lot from our family members, close friends, or colleagues about life is so complicated, things are complicated, people can be confused…. situation and what else is more complicated? Probably the task was given to do, jobs, work, or lessons to learn.

Here Are The “Why?”

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Every time When I Smile, They Said I Am Beautiful😇

Let us look deeper into “Why sometimes life can be very complicated,?

I think it is also fair to say” everything happens with a reason,” and before we complain further about the complication, perhaps we should find the actual cause.

That starts from our self first, even though sometimes in life, we need to satisfy others, judge others, or take control of others.

Again, the main question falls back to ourself, the question is, are we take control of ourselves well enough from the very beginning? From the moment we wake up every morning, until the end of the day, at the time we went to bed.

I mean, the lifestyle we were living every day can drive us or other crazy, angry, hate, jealousy until we tend to forget what is the actual goal of our life, vision…mission.

That is also one of the reasons some people have a problem with getting a night of good sleep. Worry for things that not yet happens also another reason makes us feel our life so complicated.

Why Am I So Stressful?

Stress Is Killing Me 😕

The “WHY” about making many reasons can also cause life complicated. For instance, due to stress at works, relationships, money matters that lead to negatives thoughts, hate jealousy and losing direction.

When this kind of situation happens, we should realize it before it too late.

From my point of view, it is time for us to take a few minutes to break, calm down, look back, and re-adjust our feeling, reorganize our mind-set.

In this end, complicate our minds will only lead to a complicated lifestyle. Because in lifestyle, it is not only about us; it is also relevant to a group of peoples that we interact in our daily life. The situation that we face unexpectedly.

These days I could see a lot of people around me still live in stressful lifestyles. Sometimes yourself or I may be one of them. Yes, I mean sometimes.

What Are The Things I Start To Realized?

1. Sometimes We Tend To Do Too Many Things At The Same Time.

There is the time we lost focus and follow by losing control. At that moment, we may forget to look at ourselves, our behavior, and response to these people or situations.

We tend to forget to focus on solutions instead of complaining. We tend to get confused, depress, and unable to produce good results for those things we are doing for ourselves or others.

I Am A Stress-Free Person ☺️

To avoid unnecessary damage to our life, our feeling, try to do meditation may help.

If the situation is getting worst, we may need to consult a doctor, taking medication.

If doing too many things make us overwhelmed and disorganized. Setting priority and advance planning with a tremendous To-Do List will be the only solution.

2. Sometimes We Try To Control Too Much

Instead of “Let Go,” “Take It Easy,” or don’t care and “Let it Be.” There is a situation when we think we can do more than our ability. Certain things or situations can be out of our control, follow the flow may be a better idea rather than try to control them.

Doing or control things that over too much will only lead to negative results. It is the same as we overeat, too much drinking and get drunk.

After that, we feel very uncomfortable. In other words, when coming to the time that we need to control something or someone, do it just lovely, and just enough is the best, not over the limit.

3. Sometimes We Get Involve Too Much

Again it is still related to being “just nice” or “just enough.” For example, when coming to getting involved with people, situations, other people’s business, or matter, we tend to gossip others too much, we may get involved in office politics, or spend too much time with too many negative (toxic) peoples.

Somehow we may start to over-drinking, smoking too much, or party too much. In short, we have experienced in too many unnecessary things and activities plus overdo (done) it.

Then when coming to the negative impact that we had, we start to blame other peoples instead look at what we had involved.

4. Sometimes We Forget To Think About Other People’s Feeling

Often we also need to think about what other people will feel for our actions. There is time that we tend to care or focus more on our benefits, our feeling rather than provides more values to people we work with, situations, and problems that we are dealing with, or we used to care about it so much.

We start to care about how we feel and forget to care about how others think. If the whole situation ends up with we didn’t get the benefits that we want, we start to feel upset, angry, and disappointed. This resulting, we begin to think our life is too complicated.

5. Sometimes We Tend To Focus More On Our Problems Rather Than The Solutions

I Love To Focus On My Coffee 🤣

Problems will always appeal in our daily life, no question about that.

But if we focus too much on the issues rather than solutions, we may create more problems for our life. Do you agree about this?

I believe they are many other reasons why sometimes we complicate our mind. Everything seems to start from our mindset. I firmly believe that the very first thing to control should be our mind, get back to a positive mindset, and move forward. 

Another solution to avoid we complicating our own life is to write your own story, write your blog to express your feeling. This solution may help to make you feel better and always stay FOCUS. 

Sometimes our lives have to be completely shaken up, changed and rearranged to relocate us to the place we’re meant to be.


6. Sometimes We Afraid To Ask

Ask Me Anything 😎

Yes, we all are not perfect. There is a time that we need to ask for help, ask to get the right answer to solve our problem.

Ask for consultation, clarification to avoid misunderstanding.

If you are falling in love with someone, for example, and you not sure he or she will also in love with you What do you usually do next?

Instead of keep guessing, instead of overthinking until having a problem to get a night of proper sleep, no appetite, etc. Why not just take the courage to tell him or her that you love her? And ask him, or is he or she also has the same feeling?

Once you get an honest answer, regardless of the explanation you want to hear or the answer that you don’t want to hear. I am very sure that you will feel much better after that. And you won’t feel your life so complicated anymore.

The above six reasons for “Why My Life So Complicated” that I share with you here are truly from my personal experience. I did the solutions as I mentioned and it really worked well.

If you happen to have the same feeling as I use to have, please do try my recommendation on how we react, respond, and handle those feelings. I sincerely hope it will work for you too.

Besides, I also highly recommend you find some time to read my other post “Self-Reminder and Self-love”.

Give your stress wings and let it fly away.

Terri Guillemets

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