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What Kind of Lifestyle To Design?

I am a person who loves anything about design. How about you? 

Yes, whenever we talk about the “Design,” it can refer to many things such as design your home, interior design, architecture design, fashion design, car design, furniture design, lighting design, and many more, you name it. 

I think the topic of “Design A Lifestyle” can be an exciting topic to discuss. Are you looking to create your lifestyle? 

Before you start to design your lifestyle, there are six essential questions; 

  1. What kind of lifestyle do you want? 
  2. Why you want this kind of lifestyle? 
  3. When do you want to get the lifestyle that you want? 
  4. Which way do you want to make it happen? 
  5. Who can help you to make your dream lifestyle come true? 
  6. How will you spend your dream lifestyle? 

The above questions are just a few examples. Along the way, when designing your lifestyle, you will find more new problems that require more answers.

I Love Healthy Lifestyle πŸ€ΈπŸΌβ€β™‚οΈ

What Kind of Lifestyle Have You Been Dreaming? 

We all know that only dreams will not happen, just like if we keep waiting without any action.

But if you have a dream lifestyle, it will give you a clearer picture before you design it. When I was young, my dream lifestyle is to travel around the world. It can be sound crazy, but I knew it is possible.

Does it mean to design your dream lifestyle also related to what is the choice of lifestyle you want? The answer is ‘Yes”.

However, making a choice is just a beginning, you also need to make a decision, make the decision on the lifestyle that you want, it is for you to decide, for you to make a choice and design for yourself.

Once you have designed your dream lifestyle, next will be to make your dream come true to your design, or in other words, according to your plan.

Why You Want This Kind of Lifestyle? 

This is My Favourite Lifestyle

Before you start to design your dream lifestyle, this question is also fundamental.

Some people design dream lifestyle not only for themselves, but it can also be for other people that they love.

Some people love freedom and prefer worry-free for themselves.

Another type of person may want to do something even more meaningful, not only just for themselves but also for others, living in a lifestyle that he or she can also help other people to be successful, happy, or helping the poor. 

My Dream Lifestyle
I Am A Lifestyle Designer 😎

When Do You Want To Get The Lifestyle That You Always Wanted? 

A dream lifestyle should be something possible to achieve.

However, it shouldn’t be something that you can make by tomorrow or in a short period.

When you design your dream lifestyle, you need to include a realistic timeline, according to your ability.

On top of that, you also need to know how much money you need to get the kind of lifestyle you want.
How much effort you need to put it each day.

So to say, how much time you need to get the amount of money that allows you to enjoy your dream lifestyle. You may break down your goal, achievement from big to small, and achieve goals slowly, step by step. Set the type of goals to need to accomplish in the 1st year, first 3 to 5 years, and ten years later.

Which Are The Ways That You Want To Make It Happen? 

What Kind Of Strategy You Have In Mind? πŸ€“

Now comes the question about the strategy, the method, and ways to achieve your dream lifestyle.

In this case, you may need to do some research, followed by learning something new and then implement it to become a reality.Β 

Designing a lifestyle is like creating a website or blog that can help you to make passive income.

It is not like you plan to buy lottery and to hope to strike the first prize. Or use the money that you currently have to try your luck in gambling, visit the casino, and after that, borrow money for an illegal money lender. 

Your strategy should be something practical, not against any law. You may need to invest in a certain amount of money along the way. 

Who Can Help You To Make Your Dream Lifestyle Come True? 

My Dream Is To Become A Pilot ✈

This question will lead you to learn from a person or a group of people that already successful in their dream lifestyle.

And their dream lifestyle is similar to or the same as your dream lifestyle.

It was evident that by learning for those peoples, it can help you to save a lot of unnecessary mistakes, costs, and efforts.

Most importantly, it may also help you to save a lot of time, and your dream lifestyle may no need to take longer if you have the right group of people, giving you the guideline for your to achieve your dream lifestyle. 

Our Freedom
Our Freedom

How You Want To Live Your Dream Lifestyle? 

This question won’t be too difficult to answer for yourself.

It is much easier when you come to enjoy your dream lifestyle compare to the design and implementation stage. 

To summerise all the above topics of our discussion today, the 5Ws and 1 H questionnaires are something that you should not avoid, not only when designing your dream lifestyle. It is also essential to use in your daily life. It is like a cycle, a reminder to analyze before making the right decision.

For more information, you may also read another article on this topic, “The Successful People.” 

Today, try to give yourself an opportunity and permit yourself to design your dream lifestyle because this won’t happen overnight. I regret that I did not start to create my lifestyle since five yesterday ago, and I suggest you should consider doing that from today without any delay.

I wish you great success in designing your dream lifestyle. And do trust me, as long as you as creating something for yourself or your loved one, and I am confident that you will enjoy the journey.

The most reliable way to predict the future is to create it.

Abraham Lincoln

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