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I Am On Lemon Diet

Instead of brewing a cup of hot coffee or drink a glass of milk in the morning. How about trying to do this?

Open your fridge; instead of taking out the bottle of milk, look out for a lemon piece if you have one, squeeze it into a glass of warm water, and drink it slowly. Add little salt onto it if you like. Drink a cup of warm lemon water first instead of straight to the coffee machine, and I do not mean coffee is bad for health.

I Love Lemon πŸ‹

I drank coffee almost every day. One day, my best friend Marco visited my house and stayed overnight at my home for a few nights. On that first morning, when he woke up, he went straight to my fridge and look for a piece of lemon.

And you know what? He couldn’t find it. From that morning, I came to understand that this is the first thing he will do after he woke up every morning. He will prepare to drink a glass of warm lemon water. And he told me all the reasons he does that, and it slowly becomes his daily habit. It is one of his morning routines.

Drinking A Glass Of Warm Lemon Water Every Morning.

A Glass Of Lemon Water

Do this every morning can help to improve our health. The juice you squeezed from the lemon every morning contains a lot of Vitamin C; we all know what Vitamin C can do to our body.

Vitamin C helps to build our immune system to fight against the virus, but it also helps to reduce the risk of heart attack or high cholesterol.

Since lemon water also contains antioxidants that keep our skin smooth and clear, it also helps me to look younger. Although we can even purchase ready to drink Vitamin C in tablet or powder form from the pharmacy, lemon juice is 100% natural, and it won’t cost too much.

After I started to drink warm lemon water for a few weeks, I realized that my digestive system has suddenly improved. I can go to the toilet almost every morning and didn’t have a hard time doing my “big business.”

Moreover, I found my weight start to drop a few grams every single day. Why not? A few grams is better than zero gram or gain weight.

Moreover, I don’t feel hungry so quickly as I used to be. Maybe it due to the citric acid in lemon water that plays an integral part in this case.

Have You Ever Forget To Brushed Your Teeth In One Of The Morning?

Bad Breath? 😷

Not to worry about bad breath on that particular day if you did drink a glass of warm lemon water before going for work.

I guess all of us love our teeth as much as we love our hairs, let’s start to drink lemon water every morning to fight against gingivitis or other tooth problems.

By the way, the lemon water is also good to drink before we brushed our teeth every morning.

It is almost impossible to have a great mood every morning. Someday we may feel stressed, feeling anxiety or depression. Thanks to the magical contents inside lemons. Try to smell the fruit first before you drink it.

You will find your unstable morning mood soon will be better and keep you calm throughout the day. What I usually do is after squeezed the lemon, I will leave the skin of the lemon in the kitchen. The purpose is to have the smell all over my home.

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A Glass Of Orange Juice? 🍊

As we all know, many peoples may have a lot of acidic toxic in our bodies, especially for those who love to eat a lot of junk foods.

Since lemon juice contains natural alkaline, it definitely will help to reduce the acidity in the oil in our body and flush away the acidic toxins that stalled in our body. I fact, you will find yourself always stay fresh and full of energy.

Let’s not underestimate the power of lemon juice. Let’s start to drink warm lemon water every day. However, please do not over drink hot lemon water; this may harm your body system. Everything “just nice” is always right.

* I prefer to drink it when it chills or cold. And I think drinking lemon water every morning is equivalent to drinking orange juice every morning.

Healthy LifeStyle isn’t a goal, it’s a way of living.

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