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Do Double Or Triple Down

There are many types of online businesses, such as: 

  1. Write a lifestyle blog
  2. Build a website to promote your products. 
  3. Become an associate member by selling other people’s products or services. 
  4. Advertise online courses. 
  5. Produce Youtube videos. 

Before deciding to pursue starting an online business, please note that most top online enterprise income from their online business or store doesn’t just happen overnight. The process isn’t simple as you think, but it still possible to create those 6-7 figure income that you desire or any life-changing income with an online business.

Simple But Difficult Yet Possible

It’s Possible 😇

An online business can be straightforward if you have learned the necessary knowledge.

To achieve true financial freedom or to change a healthy lifestyle to be an extraordinary lifestyle, the process will be complicated, especially at the beginner.

If you can understand this, it will be more complicated than you think. Still, it doesn’t mean the process cannot be done. It is always possible. 

How it can be simple is often dependent on how you are going to master it. Most importantly, do understand that you need to double or triple down your efforts to increase to triple up your income, to go anywhere where you want to go, to be successful as an online entrepreneur.

Understand Embrace Delay Gratification

The second thing is that you need to understand there “Embrace Delay Gratification.” When I just started my online business, I have the wrong expectations with my online business on how much money I am going to make?

And how fast am I going to get that kind of money I wanted to make? And this is something you will see all the time in making the online business industry.

That is what other online marketers, even myself and other top income earners, will tell you when sharing a straightforward strategy. They may be telling you it is “simple.” What the mean “Simple” is the process. Simple does not mean easy. Still may be hard, but can be done. It is all about timing—the amount of time and effort.

When I just started, I was very frustrated, and I didn’t get instant results that I want immediately. I didn’t understand about something call a delay gratification that requires if you’re going to create a long term success in online business.

And this is the main reason why some people started and quit quickly. It is because they don’t understand delay gratification.

Money In Wallet
My Money In My Wallet 👀

Save Your Money First 

The third thing I knew when I started my online business is you do not need to invest in ads until you know how to do your online business and know how to run them. 

If you run ads everywhere to promote your online business without knowing what you are doing, you will lose all your money, but you also will not get the results you want. You may lose a few hundred or thousand dollars before you can make that kind of money.

Now I looked back, and I will share with you why you don’t invest in advertising so soon before you know well what you are doing. My other advice is, if you have money or budget, invest in yourself first, invest in learning the online business course like how you can learn in Wealthy Affiliate

You will be surprised to see how much knowledge you will get to run your online business. Once you already master the skills and start making money, you can begin to put aside a new budget for advertising.

Stay Focus In One Thing At A Time 

This Is How I Focus 😎

The fourth thing I like to share with you on I wish I knew when I started my online business: do not do too many things to market your online business.

When I just started my online store, I created content in writing, and I make YouTube videos, I do email marketing, Facebook marketing, etc.

Then I realized it was a huge mistake. I started to lose focus. I do too many things at the same time.

My advice to you is if you are excellent and creative in something, focus on that thing and then double or triple down. If you are good writing, write more for your post or blog.

If you are good at making videos, make more videos for your online business, if you are good at the social platforms, do more posts about your online business in social media.

Maybe some of you may not agree with me on this. But I still believe in this because my online business has changed my life. If you want to succeed in your online business, you should double or triple down your efforts by taking massive action.

For instance, if you are good at writing, you should write your content 2-3 times a week to post on your blog. My advice is double down to 4-6 times.

Lifestyle 2020
I Need To Have The Right Mindset 😇

Many newcomers in online businesses like to take a lot of information, or we call it a consumer.

My advice is when you wake up every morning, take data as a consumer as usual, but later use them to create your content.

When I just started my online business, and I believe many newcomers in this industry will also do the same, they usually will take too much information but never apply to something for their business.

If you want to succeed in your online business, you need to change your mindset of becoming a consumer into becoming a content creator. We call the content producer and apply your very own content into your online business.

The capacity to learn is a gift; the ability to learn is a skill; the willingness to learn is a choice.


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