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Lifestyle Blog – The Next BIG Thing In 2020

According to many sources, “Lifestyle” is a living style that reflects the attitudes and values of a person or a group of people. 

Various Sources

I think many words define ‘lifestyle”. It is about ways of the way we live, and we act, we enjoy, we love to do, we eat, our behavior or our attitude, etc. Lifestyle can also be a positive or negative, healthy, or unhealthy lifestyle.

It all depends on what kind of lifestyle you preferred. If you ask me about the type of lifestyle I want to achieve? My answer is, I love to have freedom with a wealthy lifestyle.

My Fitness Lifestyle
My Fitness Lifestyle

If we have a positive lifestyle, it will most likely lead us to a lot of HAPPINESS.

If we have a harmful lifestyle, most likely, we bring us a lot of sadness. I think this is a fact, and no one can argue about this. Do you agree with me?

If we live in a healthy lifestyle, we will get better health, and if we live an unhealthy lifestyle, I am sure we will get sick or illness that we didn’t expect when it will come to us.

Everyone deserves a happy lifestyle. If you are a mom of 3 kids, a father of 5 kids, or a simple man who had just a few real friends, we all deserve to have a happy and healthy lifestyle with all our loved ones and doing things that we love to do at the same time.

By saying that, I firmly believe HAPPINESS can achieve much easier if we choose to be live in a positive or healthy lifestyle. When we start to live in a positive and healthy lifestyle, our mindset and attitude change accordingly, we will change from “Good” to “Great”! Don’t you think so?

The way we choose to live, eat, sleep, laugh, enjoy, help others, and make others happier will be even more meaningful in our daily LIFESTYLE.

Help others remind a short story…

What Is The Real Meaning Of Healthy Lifestyle?

My Healthy Lifestyle 🥰

In today’s active phase and busy living culture, especially for countries that in the developing phases or already developed.

Many tend to lose track of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Many things can affect their health, such as stress from work or traffics jams, the environment and the pollutions that cause bad air quality, virus attacks, etc.

That why busy people or professionals must find time for the aspect of their life that can make them less stressed, bring them more joy, and create better health.

If you want to achieve a healthy lifestyle, it is essential to add satisfaction and value to your lives each day. In general, the meaning of a healthy lifestyle can be defined differently from person to person.

It will generally include like daily diet, amount of exercise, and time that they have to spend time with their family members and friends. Or have time to do Yoga, meditation, or going for a short holiday.

If you do not have time for what mentioned earlier, at least you need to have time for yourself to have a good sleep.

Due to busy schedules, we often forget the importance of a “Positive & Healthy lifestyle.” Besides, don’t have much time to exercise, or we forget about the importance of exercise.

The reality is we cannot ignore how exercise can be a great way to achieve a positive or healthy lifestyle, and possibly it can help build a better self-confidence. It is the same as eating healthy will lead to a healthy lifestyle.

Lifestyle 2020
I Am A Lady Boss 😎

Be Your Own BOSS. Drink More Water

Another important thing is we may overlook about to drink sufficient water every day.

Drink water not only for the dehydrated purpose, but it also helps to flush away those unwanted toxins in our bodies. Most adults living in busy lifestyles are under dehydrating, and they don’t drink enough water.

If we sit back to think for a while and count how much water we drink every day, obviously often we will find we drink not enough water. The recommended amount of water to drink is at least 2 liters a day or about four bottles of 1/2 liters throughout the day, and that should be enough.

If we wan to achieve a more significant healthy lifestyle, it is also related to how we take care of our body, skin, and how we look.

You are what you eat, if you eat well, you will feel great.

If you eat bad, you will feel unwell.


The Sky Is Unlimited With WA Community 

If you are thinking or considering before deciding to live in a positive or healthy lifestyle may not be an easy task. Some time could be influenced by other peoples, friends, partners, or in other words, the type of people we mix around.

Therefore, it is essential to mix with the right peoples or the right community. Often, their action will drive us in the correct direction.

Lifestyle 2020
We Love Beach Lifestyle 🏖

In life journeys, from time to time, a lifestyle can also be changed due to the environment, or new habit of individual, unless we are so consistent and always stay focused and alert at all times.

Besides choosing the right people or community to mix or work with, we also need to ensure that we earn enough to support the type of lifestyle we want. Money is the key thing is our life. If we don’t have a proper financial or business plan, we will never get a chance to enjoy our dream lifestyle.

I recommend choosing a wealthy lifestyle and grow with the WA community. And my dream lifestyle is to help others and myself living in a true LUXURY Travel Lifestyle.

Everything Starts With A Blog.

Start writing a blog, share your true success story, share your real lifestyle experiences, and share the knowledge that you have learned could be a great idea to help yourself and others succeed.

You will achieve the lifestyle that you always wanted.

One day, I walked on the road to achieving my daily target to have 10,000 steps a day. An older woman was walking in front of me, suddenly she stopped and took out a few dollars from her wallet and handed it to a homeless man who was sitting and worried about his life.

I was so touched about the action of the older woman and the reaction of the homeless man. From his eyes, I can see out of suddenly; he felt his life was full of hopes. Before I walked passed through him, I also took out a $10 note and handed over to him, now guess what? He was even more shocked that he could receive more money again just after a few minutes he got the money from the older woman.

I genuinely believe that the money he just got could help him survive for the next few days.


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