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How Soon Can You Make Money With Wealthy Affiliate Program? 

If you already a member of Wealthy Affiliate or considering joining the Wealthy Affiliate program and become a premium in this fantastic platform. The question “How soon can you start to see your money” has always come to your mind, and you will soon try to seek the answer, check for the other member’s review. – Wealthy Affiliate, WA, in short. 

The answer can be different from one affiliate member to another. It is because it depends on how soon you can accomplish the WA platform’s training, the amount of time and effort you are willing to put in, and either you give up halfway through or prefer to continue to enjoy the fruits later. 

Wealthy-Affiliate-Opportunity 🤑

There are a few points in common within all WA members. 

  1. Wealthy Affiliate Program is not a quick-rich scheme that you can make make your money quickly. It is a real journey that allows you to achieve your desired goal in terms of earn money and enjoy a wealthy lifestyle. 
  2. It is not a Multi-level Marketing system or pyramid scheme. 
  3. It is a long term business that you can do at your own convenience free time or part-time but can drive you to achieve full-time income when you reach a certain level. 
  4. It is an online business platform that helping you to create your own business and design your lifestyle. 
  5. You Are Not Alone”. It is a platform that fills with the highly motivating community that helps each other resolve online business problems and answering questions about building a website or writing blogs. 
  6. It is a significant online business because you can also help others to be successful while you are pursuing your success.  

If you desire to be a successful online entrepreneur, the first step is to decide and then take action, followed by learning from “The Successful Peoples.” Finally, give yourself time to achieve your success.

“To know the road ahead, ask those coming back.”

Old Proverb

In my personal experience, I think it is essential to visualize and understand how the success journey looks like for you to decide to run your own online business.

Understanding the success journey with the Wealthy Affiliate platform is like following the master plan for a huge project that you are going to work on. And, most importantly, the journey has to be a realistic and possible journey.

Here is the brief on how the Wealthy Affiliate success journey will look if you want to be a member of Wealthy Affiliate. I hope it helps.

MONTH 1: Business Set-Up & Accomplishments 

  • Setting up your very own unique website.
  • Setting up SEO.
  • Initial Framework of Content.
  • Get Indexed in Google, Bing, Yahoo.
  • Writing 5-10 posts and post on your website.
  • Your Earning Potential: A few sales, just getting your business foundation started. All those steps are teach in WA Platform and many more lessons we can learn along the journey. 

MONTH 3: Continuing Your Accomplishments

  • Start writing more content to Get Rank in Google, Bing, and Yahoo. 
  • Enjoying the experience and significant Breakthroughs in Search.
  • This Is the time you have made your first or second sale.
  • Your traffic will start to grow rapidly.
  • Time for Search Engines to give your site “authority.”
  • Aim to Achieve 30-60 posts on your website.
  • Your Earning Potential: $0-$500 per month.

**Note: It took me exactly three months to make my first online sale. If I quit in the first month, I would have never gotten to the experience of the journey and the very fruitful business online. There is something to be said about being patient, never give up, or expecting “Instant” or “Quick” success in online or business. It is the same principle for all kind of business, industry. 

MONTH 6: More Accomplishments

  • Your traffic is starting to flow, estimate 100 unique visitors per day.
  • Your sales start to increase with consistency, several per-week.
  • You are truly starting to gain some expertise and building your brand.
  • Usually, this is the time Bing/Yahoo starts indexing your site at a higher rate.
  • Engagement on your website starts to increase and continuously. 
  • Now You try to post 60-100 posts on your website.
  • Your Earning Potential: $500-$3,000 per month.


  • At this point, your traffic is starting to ramp up. You can expect 500+ unique visitors per day.
  • Don’t be surprised if Google granted your website with some serious authority.
  • Other companies and another blogger may reach out and connect with you.
  • Now You are making WA sales and other affiliate sales daily
  • At this time You should already post up to 100-150 posts on your website
  • Your Earning Potential: $3,000-$10,000 per month.


  • Now your online business is truly starting to thrive
  • Your website starts to noticeable by the search engine world. Google may rank your new content with 24 hours of it being posted.
  • You should be able to earn a full-time income online in your second year.
  • Now don’t be surprised if you have 200-300 posts on your website
  • Your Earning Potential: $10,000-$20,000 per month.
Online Entrepreneur
Online Entrepreneur 💻


  • You are a brand authority in the online and internet industry
  • Enjoy your full-time income and business online, most likely six figures plus annually.
  • Google, Bing & Yahoo fall in love with you.
  • Now you can use your earnings and spending it to drive your business through paid channels.
  • You can afford to make several hires writers, web design help, and a virtual assistant.
  • You are working to double your business annually.
  • Your Earning Potential: $10,000-$50,000 per month.

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But just one thing to keep in mind, while you are building a business here, there is time you may feel wanting to GIVE UP your business what you put INTO it. Before you give up, please ask some successful people in the WA Community the fundamental reason they are successful, they will usually tell you two things. Hard Work or Focus.

This is just the start of your intelligence online lifestyle journey into the real online business world, and through time, you are going to become an authority in this space. I have trust in you.

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