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The Biggest Challenge Time In Our Life.

It is a crisis that everyone in this world is facing now. As we heard from the news most television channels across the globe, many countries have announced lockdown, and peoples are encouraged or forced by law to stay home, quarantine themselves and practice social distancing to help stop the virus spread wider.

If we look back again before this Coronavirus outbreak, the world has so many activities in every aspect. Millions of people travel around the world, eat at restaurants and cafes, drink at the bars, and the shops are full of customers.

Almost every road is the big city that struggled with traffic jams, especially during peak hours. According to the 2019 edition of TomTom’s Traffic Index, the worst traffic in the world is in Manila, Bogotá, Mumbai, and Pune.

What’s More? 

Beaches were full of people playing with water sports on the weekend. Plastic pollution creates by humans affects wildlife, wildlife habitat, and humans itself. This pollution problem also afflicts land, waterways, and oceans.

Bars and pubs were packs with youngsters who love to party every Friday and Saturday night. Plastics waste is everywhere.
According to FAA ‘s Air Traffic Organization ( ATO ), more than 44,000 flights carry almost 2.7 million airline passengers across 29 million square miles of airspace every day.

Right now, after the outbreak of the Coronavirus, more than 1.2 million suffered from Coronavirus, sadly to see more than 64,000 deaths.

It is terrifying to see the numbers keep going up day by day. However, you may sit and try to observe a bit on the situation around us, look out from your window, or standing at your balcony. You may see or feel something like this.

The Positive Sides During Coronavirus

  • The air condition has been more fresh and fewer pollutions caused by less road and air traffic. 
  • The noise surrounding maybe be more quiet and peaceful due to fewer cars on the road. 
  • If you have a chance to walk at the beach and you may find the seawater seems to be blue due to fewer peoples playing with water, fewer cruise ships floating in the ocean—fewer plastics waste.
  • If you stay at home, you may find you have more time to spend with your family and your loved ones. 
  • Today, more and more people care more about their hygiene and wash their hands more regularly. 
  • People start to eat more healthy foods rather than junk foods or raw foods. 

Although coronavirus has a very negative impact on our daily life and the economy of the countries, many businesses have forced to close down, and employees are out of jobs, and unemployment is rising.

Moreover, due to lockdown, many people have been using a food delivery service, thus resulting in an increased amount of plastic use. The increase in plastic waste will have a terrible impact on our environment.

It is a crisis. It is a big challenge time for everyone, and regardless you are poor or rich.

It is worth thinking about the challenges that we can turn into an opportunity, in my opinion. Here are a few ideas that I could think of.

Ways Turning Crisis Into An Opportunity

Work From Home
Work From Home

Start to Sell Online

As the internet is part of our life today, you may consider taking some online courses and learning and upgrade your skills to the next level. For instance, you can learn to build your website and start selling things or an opportunity online.

Create new business like selling personal hygiene products such as soap, sanitation hand gel, creating your brand, promoting on the internet, and starting to trade and make profits.

Another type of product that could sell online is health and wellness products, nutrition foods, dried foods, fitness equipment for home, books, food for pets, home office accessories, etc.

Become An Online or Delivery Expert 

If you are a real estate agent or company, you may consider creating an online course by teaching others how to sell properties.

Are you a chef in a five-star hotel’s restaurant? You may consider creating online cooking courses. Or you may cook at home and sell your food in packing delivered to your neighborhood.

However, always ensure that you are allowed to make the delivery for your meals by law. And while doing the food delivery, ensure that you have full self-protection from the virus when doing the delivery.

A fitness coach may create online fitness courses.

If you love writing, you may consider creating your e-books or become a …

  • Social Media Manager
  • Data Entry
  • Copywriter or Content writer

If you are excellent in a specific language, you may consider becoming a language tutor by using video call or zoom to teach. Or finding some translator work that requires you to be able to work from home.

Find out what you are good at that can teach online and start making some extra money.

Finding New Temporary Jobs.

While you are waiting to go back to work at your previous job, you may consider finding a new temporary job quickly. Places like a supermarket or pharmacies are still busy at this moment, and they may look for some part-time workers to help to cope with the current operation.

Delivery service sectors may also require more drivers to deliver consumer products to their customers.

Laptop Table
Laptop Table

Time To Learn New Skills

It is the time where most of us have more time to stay at home at this moment. If you are sitting and do not know what to do, Or the only thing that we can do is kept watching the news and TV programs.

Perhaps it is an excellent time to learn something new that could benefit and support our daily life, especially when time is getting more worst.

We should always get ready and prepare for the more heavy rainy day or stomp that nobody knows when it comes.

Stay Safe! And Be Strong!

The Wake Up Call. Credit:Daily Motivation

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