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How Will You Respond When You Are Facing A Crisis In Your Life? 

There are many types of crisis that existed in our life. Some disasters can be painful. It can cost us a lot of money. Sometimes crisis comes surprisingly upon us. Some emergencies can take away our happy life—especially the plight of the dangerous virus.

According to Dr. Charles Stanley, how we respond to the crisis is the key to face the crisis. If we react in the right way, we can profit by the mess instead. If we respond in the wrong way, we can find ourselves paying a high price.

We all going to have a crisis in our life. Nobody can avoid that, whether you are a man, woman, beautiful or ugly, rich or poor. Just like the most talk about crisis today, the Covid-19 virus or formally knows as “Corona Virus.” This crisis has impacted the health of the world population, and everyone is still fighting to survive.

Yes, crises come to our lives, some crisis comes to our country, and some good examples of the type of predicament are economic crisis, political crisis, and environmental disasters like floods and earthquakes. Whenever all those happen suddenly, it automatically will also impact every individual in the city or country.

As an individual, the most crisis can be in terms of personal financial matters, relationship matters, health matters, even in our vacation, etc.
Regardless of any crisis, the main question here is how shall we respond to it, how shall we face it and turn into an opportunity instead?

Instead of focusing on the crisis itself, we should also ask ourselves, “What is the opportunity in the middle of this crisis?” instead of trying to avoid them.

How Should We Face It? 

How Should We Respond To It? 

As a crisis can be very troubling, we could be angry, sad, and even blame God or blame someone else. Remember and think of your lovely family, loves one. Then you surely will find ways to overcome the crisis.

A Happy Family
Family Time 👪

Is There A Better Way? Yes! 

It there a better way to profits in the middle of the crisis? Yes, there is. 

How about we start to think that it makes us stronger, not only mentally, fiscally, and emotionally due to the crisis? And then let start to think about how we can take advantage of it. 

During this Covid-19 crisis, as a frequent traveler, I had to change all my traveling plans, I start to travel less, but I still keep myself busy most of the time. Fortunately enough for me, as I run my own online business, I can do a lot of work at home. Instead of going out to eat at restaurants, I start to learn how to cook and eat at home.

Today, I have more time to write my blog and post frequently. At the same time, I also had time to read more books and gain more new knowledge. I also increase more products related to health issues and personal hygiene in my online store. 

If we are a business owner, I firmly believe that during this virus crisis, we should focus on the customer’s need to most at this critical period. If you are the owner of a cleaning company, maybe it is an excellent time to offer weekly cleaning services to offices, restaurants, cafes or schools at a special package price.

It is an opportunity to boost your business but, at the same time, benefits the customer the most. If you are a coach, teacher, lecturer, or in IT business, perhaps it is a perfect time to create teaching and coaching online instead. You can also create your free website and start your online store today. 

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Now is Time For Online Business 💻

Not everyone responds and reacts to the virus crisis in the manner that they should. Some people don’t care so much and still live in ordinary life. Nothing wrong about this, it depends on how individuals think about the level of the impact.

Some people use this moment of high risk and turn it to another challenging opportunity.

Some prefer to sitting back and watching the progress of the virus and waiting for the worst situation to be better. Individuals or companies should start to know how to identify which area needs to change, what are the strategy need to replan, how to manage and respond well to the crisis, when and where to shift their focus to keep the business going.

Some successful companies have been founded during the economic crisis, like Microsoft, for example.

Now It Is Time To Put Even More Effort.

Not only in terms of business but also personal and our family health matters. Everything needs to be double or triple down. We need to channel the risk to grow before anything happens, and we then no need to say sorry to ourselves later. 

If you are feeling unwell, having flu, running nose or fever, quickly consult your doctor and stay away from your family, friends, and take good care of yourself. Be more responsible for your loved one and your community.

If we can overcome this crisis of the Covid-19 virus, I am sure at the same time we are learning and starting to prepare for the next disaster, and we will always get ready.

“One brush stroke stands for danger; the other for opportunity. In a crisis, be aware of the danger–but recognize the opportunity.” 

John F. Kennedy

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