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Thinking To Start Something New?

I decided to change my life due to few reasons, the very first reason I have decided to transform the quality of my life, especially after I was in a break up with the first woman I ever loved. My relationship fell apart, and I fell into a deep depression.

From then on, I just thought I need to control my life, control my mind, my habit, and my emotions so I can feel my life more meaningful again.

Secondly, I wanted to do something that didn’t keep me too busy, like in my last job, my working life. So, I had to decide to rebuild my career.

It’s always never too late to start something new, although starting something new may not be new to everyone.

Occasionally, certain people are being forced to start doing something new, start a new job, relocated to another city, country, or remarry to another new partner.

No doubt about every day is a new day. So to say, in life, we also will face something new or decided to do something different.

It’s just a matter of time. Certain people only make changes in what they are doing after one year, maybe ten years later or other maybe twenty or fifty years later.

When Was The Last Time You Find Something New To Do?

I love Freedom
I love Freedom

I only found the right thing to do after my 11 years of working in a big corporate company.

The “Something New” I am doing now called “Wealthy Affiliate.” 

Although I have owned my very first laptop for nearly ten years ago, at that time, I still have no idea about what is Wealthy Affiliate Program all about.

But now it is different, now I knew it is a kind of Intelligence laptop lifestyle, and this kind of lifestyle has become part of my life, it is my dream lifestyle.

Living in an Intelligence Laptop lifestyle makes me feel like I am ahead of many things; it’s like an adventure journey. It is truly amazing!

I have learned to create my online store and affiliate links starting from joined Wealthy Affiliate. Here is how I begin to make money; you can check some of my online stores in the following links: 

I Love Freedom

Be Freedom Like Butterflies

I genuinely believe most of us have a deferent conception of living in a laptop lifestyle.

To live in an Intelligence laptop lifestyle, the first thing that came to my mind was I have to own my own business.

Then I realized that not necessary to own my own business, I need to own a laptop and a website that I can promote other company products and services.

Automatically, this is how I start to own my own business, and it’s an online business, work from my laptop in my own comfort home or cafe.

The main reason I choose to live in a laptop lifestyle is Freedom, Freedom of time, freedom to select the type of work that inline with my passion. I am living with life without an alarm clock. 

Another reason I choose to live in a laptop lifestyle is that I love to travel. I love to work from anywhere from any place in the world. And I usually move from a country to another country.

I Love My Online Business
I Love My Online Business

I Am My Boss!

When I started working and living in a laptop lifestyle,

I realized I became the boss of myself, and I don’t have to work for other people.

I can work on my term, and I can choose the people I want to work with. And most important is, I work for myself and helping others to become their boss too.

If you ask me from my honest personal opinion, I think living in a laptop lifestyle maybe not for everybody, or perhaps for some people, it is not the right time to start.

It is because many peoples may still think that it is better to work for someone and to get the pay-check every month. The reason being they felt more secure, more stable in getting monthly income.

Yes, it is nothing wrong to think this way. We all need a salary for our basic needs. I am also once an employee before I live in a laptop lifestyle. The good part about this business is you can always start with part-time first.

Only switch to full-time when your online business generates more income compared to your full-time job.

However, if you decide to be an employee for your entire life, you may not have much chance to travel around the world, depending on the type of job you are doing.

You may also have insufficient freedom of time to spend with your family, friends, and loved ones.

Moreover, at any time, you may be out of the job due to the company closing down, or our position has been replaced by someone who willing to get lower pay but still doing the same work as you did.

Your boss may give you a reason like the company need to cut the operating cost, economic crisis, etc.

My Ex-Boss Always Said This To Me: Hey! Listen To Me!

At Corporate Office
At Corporate Office

To ensure all those negative things at work never happen to you.

I think it is time to start thinking about your future.

Living in a laptop-style may not be the initial goal, but having your own online business part-time maybe a great idea.

In fact, in the online business world, you can have as many sources of income as possible. You can promote other people’s products from different brands, categories, base on your preferred platform. You need to register as an affiliate member.

Some platforms such as HealthTrader, Commission Junction, ClickBank, Amazon, eBay is among the most popular affiliate program platform.

The best part about starting your own online business does not cost a lot of money upfront. If you are planning to do your own business traditionally, it usually will require a lot of money to start. 

Some people prefer to approach banks for a loan, and another may borrow money from a friend or family member to start a business.

And you are doing the traditional way of business always needs to have faced the more significant challenge and high risk.

Creating your online business platform is like establishing your future; you are building passive income for yourself; you also own several businesses that generate revenue. It means you are not only depending on one source of income or a monthly pay-check, which usually very insecure, especially after the pandemic. 


Where To Start? 

Now Or Never ☝️

There are so many online opportunities available that we can approach.

But my advice would be to avoid companies who promise you will get a lot of income from day one or week one you choose their platform.

It is almost impossible to start making money right after you start working in an online business. All those are scammers.

My other advice will be to select those who offer FREE to join, no credit card required, and those who can provide free training, and the company has been around long enough, let say more than ten years. You can also click here to build your website or blog for FREE.

If you don’t take the risk, you will always work for someone who does.


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