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Why Affiliate Program?

Maybe you already heard about Wealthy Affiliate, WA, in short. You may also involve in all other affiliate programs available in this world, such as:

  • ShareASale, this affiliate program has been around for over ten years. 
  • Amazon, Ebay, Clickbank etc. 
  • Shopify Affiliate Program. 
  • StudioPress Affiliate
  • and many more. 
My Online Business Lifestyle
My Online Business Lifestyle

Wealthy Affiliate is just another affiliate program and an online business opportunity that you can consider to pursue as your own business. 

There are a few things in common when we talk about online business and website platforms. 

  • Some people start the business for a few weeks or months and then they start to give up; they think this kind of business not suitable for them. Sometimes, they will give a very negative review of those programs that they failed to succeed. 
  • Some people will not complain too much about anything even though they didn’t make a penny from online business from the beginning. Still, they will continue to promote their website, writing their blog until their website has been index by Google and start to generate more traffic, creating a strong foundation, and slowly increase their sales. 
  • They willing to invest in their time, efforts, and money to make money and continue to enjoy passive income. And, they consistently share their success and the opportunities to others. 
  • Some people will stick to the conventional business or continue to work for others. 
  • Some people joined an online platform and then gave up halfway. After that, they join again with the same platform and achieve great success.  
Welcome To My Online Store
Welcome To My Online Store

What Is Wealthy Affiliate All About?

If I could explain with an easier way, it is an online platform that you teach you how to build your website, blog and run your own online business, plus sharing this program to other to learn the same as what you learn, and make money for those who join under your affiliate referrer link.

In other words, if you are a member of Wealthy Affiliate, you have an opportunity to sell an online business course. 

But not only that, but you also can promote other programs or products that you create your website with Wealthy Affiliate Platform and hosting. The type of products you want to deliver via your website depends only on the niche that you choose and you are passionate about. 

But do take note, even you can join Wealthy Affiliate with free to start. But you can also consider joining as a premium member, pays monthly or yearly. It is an option, the main difference between free member and the premium member is the commission’s percentage. 

Is Wealthy Affiliate Legit?

Affiliate Marketers

Yes, but if you are looking to make fast income, Wealthy Affiliate surely not the right place for you.

Because they clearly said that you need to build your online business on your own from scratch.

‘By your own” does not mean you are alone.

You always have the real people in their community to help and give all the support that you need, there are more than 100,000 members in the Wealthy Affiliate community plus WordPress site support 24/7.

Why I have chosen Wealthy Affiliate as the platform for me to build my website and online business? it’s because they don’t promise a quick rich scheme. If they do, I will not fall into this kind of scam.

I ever join Wealthy Affiliate free member since many years back, and then I quit. But after that, I have decided to join them again and this time as a premium member. 

I am also like anyone who plans to join any online business, and I believe you did too before you decided to join, you will first check on the review of their platform, make sure they are not a scammer.

Yes, I did the same thing, I check almost all the reviews about Wealthy Affiliate that I can find on the internet. Surprisingly, although there are many good reviews that I could found, I have also seen many negative reviews that talked very badly about Wealthy Affiliate.

Before I decided to move my finger to press the “Join” button again, to join as Wealthy Affiliate member for the second time, I asked myself a few questions and realized a few essential points: 

  1. Those who criticize about Wealthy Affiliate Program end up wanting you to lead you to join another program. 
  2. If I do not enter the Wealthy Affiliate program or any other online platform, can I create my online course? Am I able to teach other people how to create their website and succeed in online business? The answer is ‘Impossible”. At that time, I don’t even know how to create a website for my own. How am I going to develop my own platform and sell a course to others? 
  3. Another critical point, I was thinking, can I afford to pay the monthly fix fee of USD49.00 per-month as a premium member? Yes, it is only cost me USD1.50 per-day. In any business, you do need a fixed cost. The good thing about Wealthy Affiliate, you got to know ahead how much you need to spend in a month or a year. Moreover, they also ensure that you no need to pay more than what you suppose to spend. 
  4. Why do I need to pay a monthly membership of USD49.00? Why not only USD10.00 or USD20.00? Since I am a premium member, I am eligible to the commission for whoever signs up with my link, which is 50% of the monthly fee, a commission of USD23.50 from a new referer.
I Could See $$$ Is Coming
I Could See $$$ Is Coming

Can You Make Money With Wealthy Affiliate?

Yes, with the Wealthy Affiliate program, it makes all the process of online money making more manageable.

But you may not make money within your first to three months, and you may only start to see some income after 3 – 6 months later. Some people take 12 to 18 months to make a good income. The amount of money you can make all depends on your niche and the number of efforts that you put into your own business. 

As a premium member, you can have up to 25 websites to promote your business. Promote Wealthy Affiliate Program is just one of the niche that available for you right after you join as a free or premium member. 

Assuming you are a Wealthy Affiliate premium member, while you start to learn all training provides in their platform. You can already begin to promote the program itself. Wealthy Affiliate Program is not an MLM marketing or a Pyramid scheme. You are not required to have a downline or recruit peoples.

You are required to help other peoples to build an online business by marketing the course or program developed by Wealthy Affiliate. You are also encouraged to create several income streams on the same platform, either sell your products, selling other people’s products, different training programs, tools, resources, etc. 

Please allow me to give you a few examples of how you make money with the Wealthy Affiliate Program. 

Assuming you have successfully referred five (5), new premium members in June. 

Each member is paying a premium fee monthly. 

5 x $49.00 = $245.00

Your total commission for June is 50% of $245.00 = $122.50


In July, let say you only referred three (3), new premium members. 

3 x $49.00 = $147.00

Your total commission for July is 50% of $147.00 = $73.50

Hang on, assuming your June premium members continue to be Wealthy Affiliate’s members and pay the monthly fee just like yourself. 

Meaning in July you still earn another $122.50 

Not to forget to add your additional new commission for July, $73.50, you final commission for July will be $122.50 + 73.50 = $196.00 


Now come to August, assuming your total new premium members is seven (7). 

7 x $49.00 = $343.00 

Your total commission for August is 50% of $343.00 = $171.50

Again, since your June and July referrer also continue as Wealthy Affiliate member; 

June = $122.50

July = $73.50

August = $171.50 

Total Commission for August = $367.50


Now Assuming is September, your have zero (0) new member. 

But your income continues to flow in since you already have members from June to August as Wealthy Affiliate paid members. I would call this is a truly passive income stream.


The above calculation is just one source of your online income. If you are doing online business, it not limit you to make extra money. You can have multiple sources of revenue. 

  1. You can also participate in Amazon Affiliate Program; you can sell Amazon’s products via your blog or website; 
  2. You can create your own e-book and sell it at your price. 
  3. You can also get ad revenue by participating in Google Adsence. 
  4. You can build another website and sell other niche products. 
It Is Time To Shop Online
It Is Time To Shop Online

All you have to do is continue to write your blog, update your website, get google ranking, and generate more website traffic.

The more traffic will turn your site visitors into your paid customers.

Moreover, you may be already excellent in social media platform, why not promote your blog/website via social media, youtube channel, Pinterest, and many more. 

Once you have your online business running and as long as you are persistent, consistent, continue put in your hard work. Soon you will see success just right in front of you.

You will be so proud of yourself, and you won’t regret that you have chosen to become an online entrepreneur from the day you are signing up with Wealthy Affiliate. 

Wishing you all the success and living in a unique lifestyle.