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How To Love And Always Remind Yourself?

I Always Like to Stay Alert.

I often like to ask and remind myself, especially before I go to bed and after I wake up every morning. (Ok, I have admitted that someday I do forget totally)

I also regularly tell myself to control my thought and the direction that I am going to choose. Maybe it is because I am the creator of my world. I firmly believe that self-reminder is very important in our life.

Whenever I look at the mirror, I will say to myself that I love the person I see in the mirror, which is me, I am not afraid to tell you that I do like my body profoundly and joyously.

It’s because I can feel my body has its wisdom, and I fully trust it. My look is just the projection of what I think about myself. Whenever I am so alert, I become more beautiful and more shinny each of every day.

It is never wrong to love yourself. You should love yourself first. Only when you know how to love yourself, then you will know how to love others. Once others receive your love, they usually will give you back their love in return.

Allow me to repeat it, I love me more, and I allow others to love me too. Right here and right now, I choose to honor my beauty, my strength, and my unique ways of being. I love the way I feel when I take care of me.

Brand New Day
Brand New Day

I Will Always Try To Get To Know Myself Better Everyday

It is not enough if I only remind and love myself every day. I also try to find who I am? What is my priority for myself? The answer will be my well being. That’s why I often need to trust my inner voice completely. The more I get to know myself, the clearer I will understand what my life purpose is.

Today I have decided to follow my heart, and I discover my destiny. I firmly believe that I have a special place in this world. My life goal is to share with others about the best part of me, and today I will offer the world the gift of love, passion, joy, and talent. My life purpose is to be able to decide by myself, for myself and to help other people as much as possible, at the level of my ability.

I Am Worth Living In This Life. 


I Choose To Trust My Own Decision.

Every day when I wake up is it the best time to act. It is also the time for me to work-out. When coming to breakfast time, this is the time I start eating well. I am always determined and being disciplined. I also appreciate the quality time I spent and decided what I want to do every morning.

Every new day is a great time to be alive. Therefore, I put all my decision, passion, and energy into everything I plan to do. I am also very comfortable with how I speak and how I behave. Even though I trust my judgment when I come to making a decision, I always remind myself and do my best to understand other people and trust them too.

I am companionate. I bound to experience the right event from our life. While making decisions from time to time, I am willing to invest the time that and passion that I in my growth. 

Forgive Others

Beside understand that I have all I needs to develop myself. I also learn how to forgive others, forgive myself too. I also detached myself from the need to punish those who did me wrong. It is because their behavior is not my responsibility.

I choose what is right and not to do what is wrong. Only me and I can decide how to react to my own life. I want to be loving and forgiving, always. 

So to say, it is essential how I control and how I respond to other attitudes. Fortunately, peoples around me usually care about my feeling, and they respect me. I think it is because I always react with love and truth instead of fears and doubts. I am happy that I can learn how to make the right decisions and how to create a productive lifestyle for myself.

My Peaceful Moment 🙂

A Peaceful Heart Make A Peaceful Life. 

I trust that to live in a peaceful life, and I need to have a peaceful heart. By becoming peaceful, I create peace in my every life experience. I can feel my whole being with the light of love, friendship, and happiness. Peace starts when I give up controlling every detail, when I am calm, when I breath-in in balance, and when I breathe out in balance.

Whenever I have peace, there will be no room for fear. Today, my mission is to be a better person for myself and others. I will appreciate every person that I meet in my life.

How To Live in A Peaceful Life?

I think living in peace life is also means not to complicate our life. Instead of overthinking or worry about what is not yet happen, finding something useful to do maybe a great idea to achieve a peaceful life.

For instance, reading books that can help develop our mindset, learning from successful people, and the way how they think, behave, and live. Or even write a blog and express all the feelings may make us feel better.

Peace and Tranquility Start With The Caution Choice.


Being Humble Is Always Good

I also want to remind myself not to forget to thanks peoples who were showing me the way to my dream. I will always treat myself with compassion and respect. I will also remember that I am not perfect, but I will do things that allow me to shine. When I achieve my goals, I will be proud of myself, and I will not be ego.

Whenever I did well, I will do be better. Today I allow myself to be more reliable than my fear. I promise I will love myself, no matter what happens. I am grateful for the trace, quality, and talent that makes me unique. Thank you.

Lifestyle 2020
Letting Go Negative Energy 🙆‍♀️

Find Self Happiness

I will choose to be happy, and I believe that I deserve to be satisfied. Today I want to create harmony, peace, and joy for myself. I am so glad and calm right at his moment. I understand that I need to have everything that I need to be happy. I will give up my old negative belief, and I will install all new and healthy ones.

I want to become a positive and talented person. For that, I need to be confident and continue built a happy relationship. I firmly believe that I am attractive to all my soul mate, friends, and connections. And they are also attractive to me because of my positive energy.

I Am In The Process of Positive Change.

Start from 20.02.2020, and I start to prepare to leave aside any of my bad habits. I am ready to install a new mindset, new routines. I did the exercise to build my body to be at a perfect health stage. I am grateful for what I have right now. I welcome new experiences with my arms wide open. I believe that life is always beautiful.

I live in the present moment. The past has gone and has no power over me.


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