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Tell The World About Yourself.

While you are staying at home during coronavirus outbreak, and while you are waiting for the time that allowing everyone back to the standard and healthy life.

How about taking this crisis period making the world know you and know what you are doing?

What kind of business opportunity can you share with peoples? How will your future be? Share anything that you good at that can benefit both you and your audience? 

Think Outside The Box
Think Outside The Box

Your Business Need A Website.

To deliver this message to the world, you would need to build a website about yourself, your business, or your profession. No matter what business you plan to do, peoples need to be aware of your products, services, even though you have something for FREE to offer.

Besides sharing them on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. A website is another essential tool to deliver secure marketing messages, regardless of any size of the business, small, medium, or large. Or has been established or brand new.

Why Having A Website Is So Important?

If you ever thought that you could never become a website builder by yourself, soon it is time to change your thought, try to think beyond your ability. Never underestimate what you can do. I never thought I could create my very own website, too, until I found this platform, Wealthy Affiliate. 

Work From Home
Work From Home

Since most of us forced to stay at home, doing business online seems to be the only best option at the moment. For an online store, you can’t run without a website. A website is essential because it helps you to establish your credibility as a business owner.

Please do not think that only big organizations need a website. An individual business also needs a website to promote their business. And the unique part of having your website is to bring your business to the global audience.

Why You Need A Website In the Covid-19 Period?

Once you have your website, you would be able to make an offer. That is the key. Besides, it is also a platform for you to create more prospects and turn them into your customers. You can also use your website to communicate with your prospects and potential customers.

At the same time, your future customer may also find your business through search engines. After all, it benefits your business and leads to more sales, helps your business grows even everybody is staying at home. What peoples can do more while stay at home is to surf the internet, looking for something to buy or a new business opportunity that you got to offer may interest them too. Do not forget to provide them with the Wealthy Affiliate Opportunity

Do You Really Need A Website?

The answer is definitely “YES!” or it’s a “MUST.” Some prospect has less interest or trust about a business if they don’t see a website of a particular industry. Having a website is also one of the reasons big companies required to present their company profile, not only a website alone.

Having a website can be very cost-efficient for marketing purposes. You can avoid spending too much on high advertising costs, especially when your business is still new.

What Is The Benefit Of Having A Website?

Well, first, your website design has to be attractive enough, always up to date, provide relevant information link to your business. Provide solutions to people’s problems after you have accomplished all those factors. Your website will help you to gain a competitive advantage against your competitors.

Sooner or later, your brand will become more popular. This will leads to more success in your business, also help you to improve your customer service. Your customers may also refer your company to others once they experience your products and services is at the top level.

What Is The Role Of A Website?

Having your own website for the business you are running is just like having a storefront to sell your products and solutions. The best part is you no need to rent a space to open your shop.

Even you already own a shop today, your shop may have been instructed by your local authorities to close temporarily due to Social-Distancing. Moreover, having an online shop allows you to open your shop 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

How Much Do You Usually Need To Spend To Hire People To Build A Websites For You?

Work Scope Hiring a Web DesignerUsing Website Builder Platform from Wealthy Affiliate Program
Design & Building A Brand New Website$5,000$0 – $49/Month
Create Content $500$0
Provide Training On How To Use The Websitet$500$0
Maintenance and update $500$49/Month
Table Comparing Hire A Web Designer and Using A Website Builder Platform

What Do You Need To Do After You Register With Wealthy Affiliate Program?

Try it for FREE first, then join as a premium member to enjoy maximum profits. 

After you had registered in Wealthy Affiliate, please learn from all the courses available from the platform and start to…

  1. Create a unique domain name for your business niche. (Avoid domain name too long, and it should be easy to remember.)
  2. Register with your desire domain and sign up a website with WordPress web hosting in the WA Platform.
  3. Now you may start to create your website using template design that already provides in the platform.
  4. Now start to write your content and post regularly.
  5. Add an online store if you have your products to sell. Otherwise, promote WA Affiliate Program to others or sell other people’s products instead.
My Work Desk
My Work Desk

*You may learn and do along the way.

What To Consider When You Need To Create A Great Design Website?

The design, colors, structure, and theme that you have selected for your website. You may also consider other images FREE to use. Also, be consistent in your content and ensure that it has relevant information about your niches. Build high values for your audience.

Ask the question and get help from the WA community to resolves any issues quickly. In the WA platform, you can ask for feedback on your website with the credit that you have.

You may also give feedback to other people ‘s sites to earn credit and use it again. Only having a great design on your website does not serve all the purposes. Most importantly, your website has to be easy to use and navigate from the reader’s point of view.

Don’t wait for being completely ready for the plans and ideas you may have in mind. Take action now and along the way, you will learn and become ready.”

― Farshad Asl

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