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The Art Of Winning

PERFORMANCE comes from inside, not outside. Success is not something you pursue, success is something you developed. 

Jim Ron

According to Jim Ron, a famous international motivational speaker, you can’t have what you want, and you can’t become more than you are unless you change how you are, you will always have what you got.

The primary key to your better future lifestyle is. “You.” The key to a great future is within you, and you will be able to find it and use it with a successful strategy.

If you are continuing reading this article, unfortunately, I don’t know are you, what kind of problems in life that you are facing. Fortunately, I don’t need to be because the ideas we about to talk about here it is an art of winning.

This idea can help us to achieve the most inspired dreams. The question is, where is this idea came from?

Honestly, I didn’t make this idea on my own, I, and pick up from my idol who was so successful in motivating a thousand and a million peoples around the world to achieve success and enjoy the more fabulous lifestyle. Yes, his name is Jim Ron.

What I have Learned From Successful People?

Indeed, when we come to change the direction of our life, we need to learn from a successful person that they have been through their real-life. We need to get their advice and opinion, especially if we are still young or at the age of early to mid-20s.

At that age, some of us could not afford to continue to study in a high school or university. Some already study in university but having a hard time supporting their daily expenses at that time, or we may be the who can’t find a job after graduating from high school or university.

Or a couple who just get married and need to build a better family. If they only depend on their weekly paid check of USD50.00-60.00.

The older we grow, the more bills have to pay, and this is the fact, we can’t ignore or argue about this, especially for the husband and wife who have two or more children in their newly built family.

Work Hard In Smarter Way.

Get Your Rainbow
Get Your Rainbow

Even we are very hardworking, the harder we work long hours required for us to work to earn more than our usual pay-check.

Hard work is not a problem for most of us.

But if we want to continue to work hard to earn enough to support our family, we may start to work a few jobs on the same day.

It will make us overtired, maybe we will get sick and if we keep doing like this until we are older. Possibly our life won’t be able to last longer as it supposed to be.

So, what are the primary key strategy to wealth, happiness, and a better lifestyle? What is the key that helps you unlock the door to success for you and every one of us? What can we do to change the direction of our life and the type of our lifestyle?

Prepare For The Raining Day!

Lifestyle 2020
I Am Always Ready 🥰

Assuming we don’t have a high degree to get a well-paid job and don’t have money to do our own business.

I wonder if you ever been into a situation like this?

Every month after paying all the bills, you only left with less than USD100? And, you are waiting to get your next paycheck again in another week’s time.

Some times good fortune comes to us, especially when we need them. Unfortunately, this won’t happen to everyone. Money doesn’t just fall from the sky. However, I am still thinking I am so fortunate to found Mr. Jim Ron on the internet. And what he has taught me has changed the direction of my life.

The very first thing after I learned about him is I will become like him, whatever it will take. One day I will be successful like him and help others to be successful too.

According to Jim Ron and his advice were, “Remember, don’t be a follower, be a student.” Learn how to be happy, how to be wealthy, and have a better lifestyle to enjoy life when we are getting older.

Stay Calm, Be Strong. Never Let Anyone Destroy You.


My Wealthy Lifestyle

The Real Meaning Of Fundamental

The first keyword of success Jim Ron thought was “Fundamental,” the fundamental of living successfully, how to be wealthy?

This word Fundamental is the primary keyword that making our life work well.

Fundamental means those necessary foundation activities that help to build our success in our lifestyle.

Fundamental is the beginning, and an essential step we need to take, is a kind of consistent operation, activities, and a primary source that leads to our success. It is a practical fundamental.

We don’t have to do extraordinary things. Just do ordinary things extraordinary well.

Jim Ron

To Be Successful…

I Am A Successful Person

Giving an example, a prosperous farmer needs good fundamentals of soil, seeds, water, sunshine, and cares to bring the best and successful harvest.

These are the essential half dozen things that make significant differences.

Just like to be a success in lifestyle, it is fundamental that counts.

To understand them, to take the first intelligence step toward accomplishing the objectives of our life, our goals, and living our dream.

I hope this keyword “Fundamental” will help you to achieve every success in every area of your life.


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