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Top Secret! How I Look More Younger Than My Age? 😍

Being looking young compare to your actual age is incredible, and everyone loves it. If you look younger than your age, you will have more confidence in yourself. You will feel great when you have a meeting with peoples. You will enjoy meeting your old friends, your clients, and even a stranger too.

Whenever you are undergoing some negotiation with your potential prospects, it can be an exciting topic for the person who talks to you, and he or she may want to know more about you, how you do that?

Women With Confident
Women With Confident

What Can You Do To Keep You Looking Younger As 5, 10, or Even 20 Years Ago? 

β˜› Try To Drink Enough Of Water

It is like a tree or flowers that you plant in your garden. If you provide enough water to grow them, plus good quality fertilizers, they usually will look great on their leaves and flowers itself. Our skin also needs to be hydrated for us to look younger.

Water is the fundamental element that helps to fill in and plump your skin, and it also helps to get rid of the wrinkles and lines that you do not want to see in your skin appearance, especially on your face, around your eyes when you laugh or smile. 

β˜› Exercise And Be More Active Physically. 

We all know there are tons of benefits for people who love to exercise regularly; one of them is to keep their shape look good. Besides looking great on their body, they tend to be happier; this will also lead them to look younger.

When they are healthy and do not have any disease, they usually won’t be feeling sad quickly or having anxiety that can cause them to look older. Stay active by doing exercise will also help to avoid overthinking too.

Taking A Break
Give Me A Break Please! πŸ˜…

β˜› Unplug Yourself And Take A Good Break. 

During the COVID-19 situation, perhaps it is a good time for us to take a break at our home rather than feeling stress about the virus crisis. Being stress can also cause physical changes and accelerate our aging process. Unfortunately, in the current virus outbreak, it is not advisable to go for a holiday trip even though you can afford it. Stay safe first. 😷

β˜› Avoid Expose Too Much To Sun 

If you live in a tropical country with an average temperature of above 18 degrees Celsius (64 degrees Fahrenheit), Try to wear a face mask or a cap whenever you are out to avoid UV rays on your skin around your eyes.

Wearing a face mask only to keep your skin healthy and preventing premature aging, but also help to protect you from virus attack. Besides, you can also consider applying some cream for sunblocks before out from your house.

I Am A Vegetables Lover
I Am A Vegetables Lover

β˜› Eat More Vegetables & Fruits

A plant-based diet can also help to improve your overall health and slow down your aging process. The primary nutrients like Calcium, B12, and Vitamin D are relevant sources to keep your looks younger. 

β˜› Drink More Green Tea

Studies have shown Green tea plays an integral part in providing healthy antioxidants and can quell inflammation. It contains anti-aging antioxidants called EGCG, which helps to fight wrinkles and increase cell turnover. 

β˜› Use Face Cream That Contains Serum 

The Serum is a popular ingredients target treatment for wrinkles. It contains topical antioxidants such as vitamin A, C, and E. All other benefits of Serum includes

  • Reduce signs of fatigue due to lack of sleep
  • Help to smother your skin surface. 
  • Help your skin to stay moisture.

β˜› Use Supplements that contain Collagen

Collagen is a kind of protein in our body that building blocks of bones, skins, cartilage, organs, muscles, and bone. Most collagen products are designed to heal our skin as well as joint pain.

As we age, our body produces less Collagen that can cause dry skin and wrinkles. Therefore, supplements containing Collagen may help slow down the aging of our skin and make us look younger.

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