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What Is Travel Blogger Mean?

Many of us love to travels. I think no doubt about it and you do agree with me too. Some save money for many months or years to travel to their dream countries. Some making income while travel, which people using called them “Travel Blogger” as they love blogging while moving.
And is travel bloggers can make money while traveling?

I think the answer is yes, but depending on the individual, the effort they put in, the right timing, how well they learn and master the skills, etc.

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How To Start Your Own Travel Blog?

In real facts, blogging is not something we can make money quickly.

We need to build a strong business foundation. Some bloggers took 3 to 6 months to make their first dollars, and some bloggers took 1-2 years to see the real steady income.

Bloggers need to start early. They need to build content that people will love to read, follow, and to look forward to their blog. Travel blogger will usually share their traveling experiences that could benefit their audience. And their blog needs to have enough audience to start making money.

The good thing is, many bloggers started the online business but not start to travel and blog at the same time. Once they are ready to do so, they will appreciate themselves for starting an online store earlier.

It is because if they are an employee of a company, they don’t know when they will be out of a job.

For other traditional business owners, they will worry when the economy is down or having a crisis and affecting their business, and follow by they need to close down their business—for example, a cafe owner, a flower shop owner, or all other small enterprises.

Online marketing is a business that bloggers can always do regardless of the economy is in good time or the wrong time. Sometimes bloggers can turn crisis into opportunities.

They start to helps more peoples to make money while the economy is in a bad situation, helping unemployed people to make a living.

Nevertheless, as a travel blogger, usually, they need to ensure only they have consistent income first, and then they start to travel and continue to blog. Meaning they need to make sure they get paid.

For travel bloggers, writing a blog should come from their heart and their real-life experiences.

Some bloggers write about their passion or hobby. As a travel blogger, they need to have strong courage and believe this is a business; it is their own business that can generate passive income for them while traveling.

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In the travel blogging industry, it is the same as all other businesses.

They need to build the audience, building relationships, create great content, and then turn their audient into customers or students if they are providing online courses.

Other businesses also need a lot of prospects before they can turn into customers. 

They are many methods to build an audience in the travel blog business. Check out Wealthy Affiliate for more information on how their training can benefits travel bloggers succeed in their business.

After engaging their audience, bloggers also need to create a contact that can help their readers solve problems or offer a better income opportunity for their audience.

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Travel Bloggers Need To Be Consistent and Persistent

Like a good travel blogger, they need to be consistent and persistent. They need to be different, unique, target the right audience with the right niche. Their blog also needs to be up to date.

A travel blogger needs to record everything while traveling and update consistently on the journey, regardless of good or bad experiences. And always share for their reader benefits.

Besides, they also need to learn new things from time to time to stay ahead of other bloggers.

Building an excellent content blog also needs a great design of the blog. All this can quickly obtain if you are a member of the Wealthy Affiliate. They offer free to join and create your website.

However, to have a beautiful and attractive website and start to make real money, travel bloggers also need to invest a small sum of money. Only with money, they can make more money.

Of course, at the same time, they also need to love what they are doing as a travel blogger.

What Is The Range Of Income Can A Travel Blogger Earn?  

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Every business needs to set a goal or an income target. It’s not right or wrong to ask how much the traveler blogger earned.

The answer will be all depend on how much amount of work or hours they willing to put in.

The range could be between $3,500 to $5000 or more.

Some months may be less, some months maybe more. Let say a minimum average of $2500 a month. An experience bloggers usually have a few different online businesses besides doing the blog, such as youtube, affiliate market, etc. And their income can easily hit up to $10,000 a month.

Surprisingly, Money is not the only goal for the majority of travel bloggers.

In reality, they also enjoy working at the hours that they like and at the place that they feel comfortable, even making new friends while traveling.

Travel Lifestyle is the main reason for travel bloggers who are looking to be successful in their business. Once they have been successful in their online store, they usually will also use part of their income earned from their online shop to invest and make another type of passive income.

For instance, they buy property to rent out or purchase other small company’s shares and gain dividends.

5 Ways To Build Your Brand on Social Media:

1 Post content that adds value
2 Spread positivity
3 Create a steady stream of info
4 Make an impact
5 Be yourself

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