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Where To Travel Around Bangkok, Thailand?

Hi there! I love traveling. There are many things you can do, can see, eat, and experience when you are in different countries, thanks to my online business. How about you?

If you ask me what is the most fantastic place for me in Bangkok? For me, Thailand is so much to see, for example, the buildings, the architecture of many beautiful luxury hotels, and exquisite Thai temples. If you have never been there, this is the place I am going to share all my experiences in Bangkok, Thailand. And I strongly recommend you pay a visit to this city whenever you have a chance to do so.

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Bangkok, Thailand 🇹🇭

However, please keep in mind the road traffics can be scary.

Therefore, getting around in Bangkok is still better to take the sky train (BTS) or MRT. It is better to get into the Air-port link train from the airport if you are planning to head to the city. The train will only take about 30 -45 munites. And the cost is so much cheaper compared to taking a taxi.

I usually will book a hotel not far from the city and 300 – 500 meters from the Skt-train train station. Whenever you are in the city, it is easy to walk around. Another option is the book a “Grab Car or Grab Bike.”, Grab Bike is much cheaper, but the safety level can be horrifying. Grab car is more comfortable; the cleanliness of Grab Car usually will satisfy its commuter.

If you compare taking a public taxi and book a Grab Car, the most significant advantages of Grab a car would be more convenient when coming to communication. It is much easier as you no need to explain to the driver for the destination that you want to go to.

The Internet For Travelers

First of all, because of my online business, I need to make sure this city I visited able to provide a good internet connection or secure access to WIFI connection, and yes, it does. Most hotels in Bangkok offers free WIFI, for mobile data, I usually will get the SIM card from AIS, although there a few more big mobile network provided company, I still found AIS has the best coverage.

You may consider applying for an internet package with a special offer, let say you only visit the country for less than seven days, with a 3G connection at only less than USD10.00.

For my regular online business, I also using iFREE global data SIM card separately to share the hot spot with my laptop to makes things easier. Traveling without a good internet connection can be a hassle, sometimes we need to google places that we are not familiar with, finding useful information or book a “Grab Car.”

That is why an internet connection is so essential for me, and I always ensure I will have an internet connection the moment I landed at the airport or before I leave the airport to the city or check-in the hotel.

How About The Peoples In Thailand?

Lady From The Land of Smile

Let’s talk about peoples. Generally, people are charming, awesome, beautiful.

Sometimes you will feel like in your home countries. Despite that this city is famous for many tourists from all over the world.

Sometimes you will meet somebody from your country, and both of you will start to talk like both are good friends, and you will begin to share information and travel experiences. It is also one of the reasons I have a lot of friends coming from all over the world.

Thai generally are great and warm people, they don’t cheat tourists much, but they do try to make some extra money from you. As a tourist, I found this situation to be shared in many developing countries, not only in Bangkok, Thailand.

If you can make a lot of money from your online business, it doesn’t matter to pay a few more dollars for a better service taxi ride or buy a sweet lady drink to drink with you. Many young Thais do speak good English.

Is Bangkok A Destination For Most Food Lowers?

Delicious Thai Dish

I would say, “Yes.” Foods in Bangkok are delicious, Prices can be very reasonable, and quality can also be up to a certain level of standard that I can’t complain so much.

Depending on what kind of foods you like, whether the original Thai food or western food, even Indian or Chinese food.

If you are a real food lover, this city will never disappoint you, even just simple food beside the street. Or if you are hungry after midnight, you can run into the convenience store name 7-11 or Family Mart; they have almost everything you need.

For example, you can grab ready to eat food like a Fried chicken with basil leaves that only cost you USD1.10 – USD1.20, or in THB35-50.

If you plan to buy a cold beer from a 24/7 convenience store, please be aware of the time, due to the law in Thailand, most convenience and supermarkets are not allowed to sell any alcohol drink after midnight until 11 a.m, as well as from 2 p.m till 5 p.m.

What To Do If You Feeling Tired Walking Around?

What I usually do? Stop by a massage place and have a great foot or body massage to make your body feel relaxed. Bangkok is famous for many types of massage, and there are massage shop is everwhere. Price is also very reasonable and affordable. Healthland Massage Centre is my favorite massage place.

Warning! Please Don’t Do This!

What I heard from another friend of mine, Thai are very respectful to their King and Kingdom. Please do not step on the Thai banknote or coins which have the image of their king. What’s more?

When you walk around the Sukhumvit area, especially from Sukhumvit Soi 7 to Soi 15, please do not merely throw any trash, avoid anyhow littering your cigarette butt. The tourist police will give a fine.

They usually will cost you close to THB2000 or more, unless you don’t mind paying the fine. However, thrown waste on the street is not good behavior, and it is terrible for the environment too.

The Best Public Toilet And Food Court In Town

A Nice Public Toilet
A Nice Public Toilet

Shopping is also another enjoyable activity to do in Bangkok. I felt in love with the mall located just beside Ashoke Sky-train station called “Terminal 21”, this mall not only offers excellent sales for the right quality clothes or shoes.

They also have a lot of good restaurants and cafes. I always like to grab a cup of my favorite coffee at Starbucks Coffee and do my usual work from my laptop.

When I crave some easy-going Thai local foods, I will go up to the food court at level 5, the food court offers many kinds of foods, are delicious, and the cleanliness of the place has a guaranteed high standard.

Most of the stalls do not handle cash while handling foods, and it goes by buying a top-up card at the cashier counter upfront before head up to the food stores and decide what to eat.

After you have finished eating your foods, please carry your dishes and cutlery to the cleaning station. It is for the convenience of other people who will be taking over your seat. I do love this idea.

Another incredible thing about this mall is its public toilets. The toilets are designs in different themes. And all the installed with sensor toilet seat and cover, this kind of shower toilet is commonly used in Japan, called it “Intelligence Toilet.” Faucet and urinal system comes with infrared sensor types, and this is for public hygiene purposes.

Every toilet in the mall will have a cleaner to clean the bathroom every 10- 15 minutes.

And they also have automatic reminders to remind you not to forget your valuable things in the toilet. I found all these small details that the mall pays attention to serve their mall visitors worth a big compliment. They pay attention to every detail.

Another shopping mall is worth to visit would be Paragon Shopping Mall or Siam Center, just a few stations away from Ashoke, these malls are more prominent compared to Terminal 21. However, if you are looking for more luxury items, Paragon is the mall’s best choice to check around.

Other malls would be Central World, Central Embassy, Central Chitlom, Emporium, and Emquatiar.

Rooftop Bar At Indigo Bangkok
Rooftop Bar At Indigo Bangkok 🍷

It’s Time To Go To The Top

At night, I usually love to visit a few rooftop bars, grab a few drinks, and make a few new friends. The hotel I stayed in has a perfect rooftop bar named “Above 11”.

Another amazing rooftop bar will be the one located at Hotel Indigo, Bangkok. This Bar presents delicious and beautiful cocktails on their menu.

And there are many other great rooftop bars which are much taller than “Above 11”, for example, Baiyoke 81 Floor, and they serve buffet at the Balcony.

Unfortunately, I am not a buffet person at night. What I love the most is the breakfast buffet at the hotel. 

I usually will also share all my travel experiences with my online platform community. You are welcome to join our community here. 

Travel isn’t always pretty. It isn’t always comfortable. Sometimes it hurts, it even breaks your heart. But that’s okay. The journey changes you; it should change you. It leaves marks on your memory, on your consciousness, on your heart, and on your body. You take something with you. Hopefully, you leave something good behind.

Anthony Bourdain

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