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Sometimes We Need A Break, An Escape To A Real Vacation.

They are times we kept doing the same thing day by day, day and night, 24/7, 9 am to 5 pm, from Monday to Friday, year by year. We tend to operate like a machine, and we work as an autopilot machine. Many of us do the same routine…work, work, and work until some of us start to feel monotonous.

It’s very typical for human beings like us to have such a feeling. I am one of them. Then we begin to feel tired of our life, and we don’t see how our future will look alike.

Since I always been worked very hard, some of my friends start to think I am a workaholic. Of course. I think workaholic still better than an alcoholic. Soon after that, I realized I need a break, a real break, take a break and escape from the need to reply to emails or messages, answer phone calls, or to call peoples. Escape from the need to listen to other people complaining about their life, about problems.

Planning to take a real vacation should be going somewhere far from home, from your city to another city or another village. If you can afford, book an air ticket and take a flight to another country, meet different kinds of peoples, another type of culture, a different kind of weather, etc.

Take a chance to adventure the exact green color from the mountain, the pure blue color from the sea and the sky. The real and fresher air that you don’t get in your city.

For me, as an online blogger, whenever I feel tired and need a real break. Then I start to open my laptop, book an air ticket, and book a hotel room. But when I arrive at the destination that I booked, I will begin to work again, write again, update my blog again and again.

But this time the feeling is very different, since the air is fresher, and as I no need to face so many car traffics on the roads, the environment has become more quiet and peaceful. It gave me a better chance to focus on my work. And the amazing thing was, I can produce even much better results in what I am doing.

Time To Rethink And Recharge

I think taking a break is not about we start to being lazy, and it is an excellent time to refresh, recharge to rethink what we have done for the last few months, the last few years.

Lifestyle 2020
I Need To Rethink 🤔

Some Questions Worth To Rethink Are:

  1. How far and how high we develop our living standards from that time?
  2. How good have we been doing?
  3. How can we do from best to better?
  4. What can we do from doing good to become great?
  5. Which are areas we need to be improved?

For example. If I am an alcoholic, should I rethink to stop drinking for a while? If I am a heavy smoker, should you consider to smoke less than I usually do or stop smoking instead? Do I do enough exercise to keep my body fit and healthy? What are the excuses I always give to myself?

Time To Analyzing Before Moving Forward Again

So to say, taking a break is an opportunity for us to analyze our life performance. At the same time, it is for us to enjoy the type of lifestyle we always want to experience. Once we genuinely enjoy our trip on vacation. We will find our no longer boring as we think, and surely we will look forward to another trip, another vacation… even longer holiday, more loner distance than we use to travel.

Everyone has their goals, my goals will be making enough money with my website and for me to take a long holiday. While working so hard to achieve my goals, I feel exhausted during this process, and I always need a “Break.” Maybe because I am a human being, I am not a machine, and even a device also can be broken down. One day, a tool also needs to be repaired, and they always need maintenance.

My Lovely Dog
My Lovely Dog

As human beings, we all can also being ill, need to consult the doctor and depend on medication to cure our sickness. Before we fall into any illness, we should consider taking a break. We only live once in a lifetime. Unplug for a few minutes doesn’t mean only take a few minutes break, this won’t be enough to recharge our energy. We should go for a real holiday, at least for a few days, or even better if we can afford to go for a few weeks.

Ask Yourself And Find The Right Answer For Yourself

Sometimes we need to ask ourselves what we need to do to work so hard, why we need to do to improve our lifestyle from good to become great? Why we should never stop learning to get more knowledge, why we should focus on achieving our goals, what kind of support we need, and from whom we can get those support that we need?

I think the very first thing we need to do is learn how to support ourselves. We can’t just be depending on others. It is essential to take a break sometime, especially when our physical and mental are not healthy or getting too weak. When we are tired, anything we do, we never bring us the result that we aim to achieve. We should find the happiness that we deserve and enjoy the moment of taking a break.

Happiness isn’t getting all you want. It’s enjoying all you have.


According to some health experts, taking a break or traveling for a real holiday has an essential impact on our body, health, and soul. Whenever we start to feel more relaxed while taking a break, we will also be getting far from the worries we have.

Naturally, it will also help lower anxiety, blood pressure, and heart rate, which will ultimately help lower the risk of getting a heart attack or any other illness caused by stress or overwork. On the other hand, it will motivate us to pursue our dream when we are back from our holiday.

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