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I Am My Own Boss

If you are about to interview some of your friends or strangers on this topic, you are asking them if they want to “be their own boss”? What would you think the answer will be? 

Honestly, I have never ask anyone this question before, and I can’t tell you what the majority will say. But I can guess, most of the peoples will say,

“Yes.” I said, “Yes” because I was always asking myself, “How can I be My Own Boss?” too.

For many people, be your own boss mean you need not work for others. You got to choose the type of work, choose your own working time, the lifestyle, and freedom.

I Love My Business

However, It Also Depends On…

  1. What kind of boss do you want to be?
  2. What type of business do you plan to run?
  3. What is your target income?
  4. Are your income falls under passive or active income? 

For some businesses, you need to put your clients ahead of yourself. In other words, your clients are your boss.

Especially in the service line, you need to work for them or hire staff to serve them. Once you have employees, your team is your responsibility.  

I am giving an example if you the boss of a restaurant business. Once you open your doors, then you will start to have walk-in customers. Your customers will be your king.

They are the ones paying for the foods that they ordered and your services. And you will use part of the income to pay for your employees, rent, raw materials, etc. Whatever left is your profits. 

However, assuming for whatever reasons you can’t open your restaurant, you would not be able to have any more income, yet you still need to pay for staff and rent.

In this case, your income will fall under an active income, and it also means that only when you work, then you will have your money into your pocket.  

Unlike passive income, you only need to put your hard work for some time. Once you secure the deal, the deal keep going on, or you always have a monthly repeat order.

Your income keeps growing without has to double the amount of your work. 

If you are keen on running an online business, the good news is, some online business allows you to earn passive income, but it requires a strong work foundation.

The bad news is, not all of them can help to generate passive income, some may try to scam your money. 

If you choose to be your own boss in the food or beverage trading business, you may continue to have regular orders from your clients that you have been keeping them happy with your service, or you truly understand their needs. 

Are You Still Eagerly Want To Be Your Own Boss? 

I Am The Owner Of My Business

I think the final decision should come from you. Being your own boss could sound great.

But if you are not taking any decision and action. Your dream to be your own boss may require more time and effort.

If you are still an employee of a company, and you are satisfied with the salary that you are getting.

You are also can be a guarantee that you will work in the company until your retirement day. Then you may need to rethink again, should you continue to work for the company or start to be your own boss? 

Is Being Your Own Boss Worth It?

Being your own boss will be worth only when you can take any risk, overcome any problems in your business, and provide solutions to every problem.

And achieve a significant income that you set as your target. Some people may think that if they leave their job and be their boss, they may eventually die hungry. But, in some cases, without they leave their job, the company has been close down due to the financial crisis and resulting in them being out of a job. 

What Careers Can You Do as A Boss?

Be a real estate agent or broker could be the highest chance to be your own boss. However, you may need to taking some courses, learning about buying and selling, understand the laws, and all other requirements in real estate. Obtain a real estate license before you run your own agency.  

Other careers include being an insurance sales agent, a personal financial advisor, or a sales broker for any high demand products. 

If you think you prefer to start from small without having to face high risks. I would highly recommend you to write your own blog, selling other people’s products online, being an affiliate associate, building your own website, and selling through e-commerce.

It may require a lot of hard work but putting you at minimum risk without having stress to pay salary for employees, rent, and all other costs. Moreover, an online business can also be done part-time, at any time, even while others are sleeping. 

If you are good at photography, perhaps running a photography agency is an excellent opportunity to be your own boss.

Finally, I am My Own Boss.

How Do I Start Be My Own Boss?

You always need to determine what you want to do first and start the plan to work for yourself.

You may need to put a few ideas together, conduct a market survey related to your ideas, then slowly make the switch, and start putting aside some money to invest in your new business.

If you are great at music, you may run a business school, either online or offline. 

Also, remember to think about your own strengths and weaknesses. Start with step-by-step, plan workflow, work on it, set some timeline, and create your own business plan, business name, and brand and make it legal to run as a business.

Build Your Free Website

Here are a few questions to ask yourself before you quit your job and work for yourself:

  1. What is your dream lifestyle? 
  2. What are your ‘Whys?”
  3. What are your goals?
  4. What is your action plan? 
  5. When are you ready to start? 
  6. When can you quit your job? 

If you still want to be your own boss, check this out!

The six things that mentally strong people do.

  1. They move on and they don’t waste time feeling sorry for themselves.
  2. They embrace change, they welcome all kind of challenges.
  3. They always stay happy, they don’t waste energy on things that they can’t control.
  4. Usually, they are kind, fair, and not afraid to speak up.
  5. They are not afraid to take calculated risks.
  6. They celebrate other people’s success.

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