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What Is Coronavirus (COVID-19?

(*Covid-19 Is The New Name as of February 2020)

Let’s face it!

It may sound shocking to you. Coronavirus is very common, and typically cause mild and normal symptoms, such as a cough, fever, or runny nose. But unfortunately, some can be more serious and dangerous – such as the deadly Sars (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) or Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (Mers).

Protect Yourself Now!

This newly identified Coronavirus started in Wuhan, China. Then spread to the rest of the major cities in China, and has been spreading to all other countries, like the US, UK, HK, Singapore, etc. As of 26th January 2020, the number of confirmed cases and deaths continue to rise, doctors and nurses are working 24/7 to learn to find out more about Coronavirus.

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Lady Down With Flu 🤧

Authorities tried very hard to stop this virus from continuing spreading.

Some places and markets are closed, the most outdoor event has been canceled.

Although most residents in China prepared to go back to their home town to celebrate Lunar New year, my advice is, refrain from travel as much as you can, avoid going to places that crowded. Here’s a look at what you need to know about the virus, now called the Covid-19 virus.

China reported the first 2019-nCoV virus outbreak on Dec. 30th, 2019, right before 2020, new year celebrations. Most of the cases that caused many unfortunate peoples dies have found in Hubei province, Wuhan. Chinese authorities have no choice and need to restrict people to travel, and this is the only way that can al least stop the illnesses for spreading all over the world.

Starting from Wuhan, many public transportations and high-speed train services have suspended. Trains and flights from the city have stopped, and people have told to leave only for essential reasons. Similar travel restrictions were announced in at least 11 other Chinese cities, impacting more than 40 million people.

More About Coronavirus.

Do Stay Away From Viruses 🦠

They are a massive family of viruses that can cause respiratory illnesses such as the common cold, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Often people get infected with coronaviruses at one point in their lives, but symptoms can be from mild to severe.

In some cases, the viruses can cause lower-respiratory tract illnesses such as pneumonia and bronchitis.

Discover more details about Coronavirus and how to prevent or avoid them?

Coronaviruses are common amongst animals worldwide, but only a handful of them are known to affect humans. I some cases, coronaviruses can evolve and spread from animals to humans.

The coronaviruses also are known as the Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV) and the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus (SARS-Cov), both of which are known to cause more severe symptoms.

Since Jan. 25th, 2020, there are almost 1,300 confirmed cases and 41 deaths related to the 2019-nCoV virus in China, according to The New York Times.

On Jan. 24th, 2020, the second person in the United States (a woman in Chicago) confirmed to infected by Coronavirus; the first case confirmed in a man located in Washington state. And both of them had recently returned from Wuhan.

Can The Virus Spread Between People?

The New Normal 😷

Yes, in many cases. But better to be safe than sorry.

We all need to breathe, and we need clean air. If the air around us has Coronaviruses, the chances of infected of the virus can be very high.

To prevent the spread of virus attacks, we need to protect ourselves.

We can’t stop breathing, but we can avoid the virus from attacking us. For example, avoid touching or shaking hands for the time being. If any of our close friends or our family has flu, running nose or fever, advise them to consult the doctor immediately.

For the latest about Coronavirus outbreak, you may check on the following link: https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/

Have We Failed To Estimate The Enormous Impact? Including Economic Impact, That An Outbreak Of This Magnitude May Have.

According to the latest news from ET Prime, China’s strong position in global trade cannot be understated. It supplies nearly 70% of raw materials to Indian drug makers. Its dominance is known in the plastic industry and other sectors.

If supplies are disrupted in the medium term, the global economy will feel the heat. Prices of several items, such as medicines, may rise sharply. Already, fears of a shortage of raw materials or drug intermediates are being expressed in India.

Contrast this with the outbreak of SARS in 2002. China was an emerging giant and less important as a raw-material supplier. Also, SARS took a far lesser toll (about 800 deaths) in all of its eight to nine months of virulence than the present outbreak has in just a little over a month.

This Calls For Quick Action!

We Need To Act Fast 🏃🏾‍♂️

Citizens should be given basic education on the prevention of a virus outbreak and medicines that work.

There should be quality control of farm animals and livestock.

From homeopathy to herbal medicines, several questionable products are advertised in India as protection against the coronavirus, without regulatory checks.

Amid serious doubts over official figures from China, transparent health-record maintenance is needed to assess and cap the virus at the earliest.

China has been at the center of a few global disease outbreaks in the recent past. An international team for quality control and investigation must be initiated that ensures tight safeguards.

Global efforts to discover and make anti-viral drugs or vaccines in the last few years have been tame, at best. Drugmakers must have an action plan to drive research in affordable and effective antiviral drugs and vaccines.

China has, by the sheer power of scale, tilted the global supply equilibrium in its favor over the last 15 years. But it works best to source raw materials from multiple points to avert a crisis in case one source fails to deliver.

An effective international virus or outbreak-management body should be set up. The World Health Organization (WHO) has been facing the heat for its delay in declaring the outbreak as a global health emergency.

An effective antiviral management mechanism with sharp technology and intelligence tools could have thwarted the spread before it became a big threat.

India has recently started keeping a watch on the spread of the virus, quarantining travelers from Wuhan and identifying patients in Kerala. Could there be people infected by the virus but not showing symptoms? Possible, but let’s hope that’s not the case.

As a few researchers point out, with the winter nearing an end and the sun shining bright, the virus itself may be nearing the end of its killing spree.

“Fight Virus Together” 


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