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Is Life A Story?

While I was taking my shower, suddenly, this question came to my mind. I thought it might be useful to write and discuss on this topic, “Life Story.”

Please Wait! I Have A Story To Tell You. 😊
Please Wait! I Have A Story To Tell You. 😊

Many peoples might define the word “Life” differently. If you asked me, I would say it is about what we are doing every day.

Life starts from the moment we woke up every morning.

Life is about what we love, what we hate, what we like, what we dislike, what we eat, how we live, how our relationship with other people, and what is the type of our lifestyle, life behavior, and what is our life achievements.

“Story” is something that already past; it is a kind of experience. It’s a life event and content that happened ever since the day we can start to remember things.

Usually, the “Story” is a kind of history or past event, but it is a kind of real story unless you choose not to tell the truth. I would say that ‘Story” is like a movie. However, the story in any film is not always a real story, unless they specified it is base on a true story.

Be True To Yourself

How You Define “Life Story?”.

The meaning of ‘Life Story” should be a series of events that you store in your memory, and you have not forgotten about that.

Because of this, you can still share it with others if you want to. In your personal life story, you are always the main actor or actress.

And, you are the “Director” of your life story. No one will know about your life story unless they hear from you or they hear from someone that knows you very well.

The unique part of every life story is because they were always different from another person’s story. The whole story can be very excited, interesting and some people may keep asking you “What is next?”, but the end of your life story can be a very sad, touching, or happy ending type.

The fact is every life story is something we can’t change anymore, but the good news is we can learn something from it.

Your Story Is Very Funny
Your Story Is Very Funny 🤣

How Our Life Stories Shape Our Lives?

The essential part about life story is about our emotional connection to that particular story.

Every “Life Story” that you decide to share with another person, usually the person is already someone you have in trust.

You maybe feel proud to share, you often think that you have the responsibility for explaining everything about your life experience, and you will share emotional feelings.

If your life story you were on the positive side, you would be hoping to have the same life story again. If your life experience were on the negative side, you would be hoping to build a new and better life story.

What Can You Learn From Your Life Story?

Since the “Life Story” is equivariant to a “Life Experience.” Meaning it is something for us to learn from, to teach our children by sharing our life experience to them, hoping that we can have a better life, not to make the same mistake that we have done before, or tell them what to do to have a great life experience.

Every “Life Story” comes with absolute values and price. It certainly has some influence on our and other’s present and future life too. Those people who listen to your life story often want to know more about you. It also could be in progress of considering wishing to spend his/her life with you.

Sometimes your life story makes them feel appreciated, respected, confident. People who listen to you always start making a judgment, analyzing, and they want to learn more about you.

It also depends on the value of your life story, it indirectly can shape your future life event. It also means that a “Life Story” is remarkable; it has become part of our current and future life.

How Important Sharing Your Life Stories In Your lives?

Sharing a “Life story” and a “Lifestyle” has two different meanings. To share your life story, first, you would need to feel comfortable to do that. Second, it has to be honest and does not affect other people’s life.

Start To write Your Life Story
Start To write Your Life Story

“Lifestyle” is something you have designed and created for yourself.

Sharing your “Lifestyle” experience is mainly to let others learn and to receive inspiration from you, especially when they want to have the kind of lifestyle like you are living in.

At the same time, the person who listens to your lifestyle story may feel less lonely. A good story will also make others feel happier and healthier.

For you to share your life story or your lifestyle story, it is essential to know what the values you could pass on to the listeners?

Once you have identified those values, you should share them with your heart open, share them with passion and joys to find common ground with the person you are connecting with them.

I could also ensure that while you are sharing your life story, which could also help you to understand yourself better.

Life storytelling is a bridge to connect and communicate with peoples.

It also a kind of exchange in culture, opinion, life values, and history.

It has an absolute power to influence peoples, especially when you are teaching and provides consultation about anything in life to someone.

Moreover, it is also a unique way to develop a positive attitude and image for someone who does not live in the same country or the same religion as you.

Be Kind

Since it is your life story, I believe the most important is you and yourself.

By telling your life story, it will transform your life by bringing specific value and impact to a topic you are having a conversation with.

So, do not be shy about sharing your life story with peoples. The telling tale it is a very consistent behavior of human being.

Eventually, sharing a ‘Life Story” can be a meaningful and amazing thing to do in my daily life.

When was the last time you tell your story to someone?

Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced.

Soren Kierkegaard

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