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If You Knowing All The “What” and “How.” 

Honestly, knowing what makes a successful online business isn’t enough. If you prefer to learn and do it by yourself, make the online business success for yourself. You go to all the processes, hard work, and seeing the success build by yourself. That is the main reason for a truly successful online business. It is You! 

Start Today Or Never 🤞

You may have seen numerous online business success stories from the Internet, social media, friends, or relatives. You may also wonder what they are doing to be successful in their online business. 

I urge you will continue reading this post. It will help you get the answer as I am going to share my personal experience with you, the reason being I know how you feel as I was one of the people just like you, wonder about the same questions. 

First of all, it is good to have a basic understanding of online business. The type of online business can be various. Choosing the right model depends on your passion, hobbies, skill, goal, knowledge, education, etc.

Be Aware Of Online Scammers 👀

My Past Experiences Told Me What To Do

Before I go deeper into more details about online business, please allow me to clarify one essential point. I am not planning to discuss any subject related to the quick-rich scheme, online scammers, online Forex Trading, Trading in bitcoin, multi-level marketing or direct selling, etc. 

My honest statement and I am not shy to tell you, I got involved in almost all of those models I have just mentioned, and I do not mean they are a terrible model, except the one a real “Scammers.”

The reason I failed from those models solely because of me, myself. Either I wasn’t persistent enough, I was too greedy and eager to make a huge income and fast money. 

What’s more? I have very little knowledge and skill about what I am dealing with, yet I didn’t learn hard for what it suppose to be, and I trust people easily without checking and clarifying if they are fit to me. 

Once again, those are my experiences, and it happened several years ago. Now we are going to discuss a kind of online business that you will build everything from zero, build by your own hands. 

Here are a few examples: 

  • Digital Products Marketing 
  • Online Advertising 
  • Blogging 
  • Affiliate Marketing 
  • E-Commerce / online-store / Dropshipping
  • Selling Online Course
I Am In My Digital Marketing World 😁

I Began With Wealthy Affiliate

I started by joining Wealthy Affiliate premium member. I choose Wealthy Affiliate because it provides training on how to build my blog, website, how to my the right keywords, how to find my niche, and how to generate website traffic, SEO, site health, and much more. 

The best part was that it already has a huge community that is always ready to assist me with all the doubts and questions that I have while building my online business. 

Besides, now I also develop my community as I have loyalty followers following my blogs and website. Hence, what makes a successful online business is to build a community that trusts and is loyal to you, loves your content, and contributes to solving their problems. The following would be, either they become your customers or business partners. 

Be consistent and Persistence

To be successful in online business does take a lot of hard work and commitment. Another reason why some people succeed in online marketing is persistence. You need to have strong discipline, continue all the steps that you need to learn, write content for your blog regularly.

Before people trusting you, you need to gain the trust of Google to get Google ranking. You need to have an engagement with your site visitors. 

After I had better control in writing my blog, building my website, and promoting a few affiliate programs, like Amazon, Bluehost, BeautifiedYou and eHarmony. I started to develop my e-commerce website, Intelligence-Health Store

The only thing that I have not yet build by myself is the online course. Well, I guess I no need to do that, as my Wealthy Affiliate Program provides a similar offer to my audiences. However, If you have a specific skill that you can teach online, it is worth it to create your online course. That how you are going to make your money, right? 

What Is The Biggest Reason For Starting An Online Business?

My main reason is “Freedom,” I can work anywhere and anytime I want. With today’s modern technology, there is no excuse for me to get a good internet connection, an affordable laptop, and the kind of lifestyle I have been dreaming of. 

Is Starting An Online Business Worth It?

The answer is definitely yes. Especially after what is happens to the world since early 2020. For those who already start earning passive income from the online business since many years ago would be considered lucky. 

Doing online business is like trading your time for money, especially at the very early stage; you need to put a lot of time and effort into building your online business.

But it is very different for a regular job. An online business can still generate passive income for you, even you are sick. A regular job will not guarantee a paycheck if you have to stay in the hospital for treatment unless you do have an insurance policy to cover. 

Do Online Businesses Work?

Since it is an online business, the unique part is you can reach a larger group of your potential customer or business partner globally. Moreover, anywhere and anytime, you can accomplish your work as long as there is an internet connection. 

Another beauty about online business is that you can start with a low budget; some can be as low as zero dollars, yet you can reach out to your potential faster than a traditional offline business. 

At any time and anywhere, you can receive money from your e-wallet, and your audience can make a purchase of your products or service from you through the online payment method.

The transaction could happen, and the money may come into your bank account even while you were sleeping, it is due to the time difference in another part of the world.  

How Can You Succeed In Online Business?

If you already have some necessary computer skills and online business knowledge, you only need to choose the right website host and online business training platform.

If you can afford to spend an extra of USD50 a month for buying new clothes, shoes, movies, gaming, partying. I would suggest you use this USD50 to invest in learning how to build your online business.

Invest in yourself, and this USD50 that you spend every month will slowly turn into USD500, USD 5000, USD10,000, or USD50,000 a month in return for your investment. 

Is Online Business Safe?

Any business has its own risk, whether online or offline. An online business can be safe if your site is well protected and updated on a regular basis.

Have fun with your new venture, the next big thing in 2020 is still the online business.