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Let’s Talk About Money, Dollars, And Cents.

The topic of money is usually crucial for everybody, in the discussion here also significant, especially for youth or teenagers above 15, 16. If you are around this age, it is always good to ask yourself if you have any saving money,?

Let say when you have your first dollar, what are you going to do this money? This question is reasonable to ask because this is the time your financial journey starts. However, you can do the wrong thing with your first dollar and correct it again when you have another dollar.

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Since your first dollar is your resource, it is the same as time. Time is also one of your funds.

When we talk about money, there are two challenges in our life that we will face.

  1. The Development Of Our Full Potential
  2. Why Use All Our Resources?

We Should Have Money To Have A Better Plan Or Have Better A Plan To Have More Money?

Besides time is our resources and as mentioned earlier, when money also as your resources. Let me ask you how much have you save for the last 1 to 5 years? If your answer is zero, then this is not a good number.

When I was young, I use to think this way; if I have more money, I will have a better plan.

As time goes by, and when I was at the age of 21, I started to realize that my thinking was completely wrong. We should have a better plan to have more money. Not just to wait to have more money, then set a better idea. How about you? Do you agree with me?

My initial thinking was changed as soon I realized that not the amount of money is count. It is the number of plans and ideas that counts.

Woman Holding 100 US Dollar Banknote With her Mouth Open
Woman Holding 100 US Dollar Banknote With her Mouth Open

Assuming I have a dollar with me that I just earned, I start to ask myself how much I should spend my one dollar?

I should not pay more than 0.70 cents. And I begin to think about what plan I can do with my first dollar.

Like I always said to young people, do not spend over 0.70 cents if you have a dollar. If they can do that, it means they still will be left with about 0.30 cents.

Do this for every dollar that you earned, and you will see what will happen later.

Now the next question will be, how are you going to spend the balance of 0.30 cents?

My advice to young adults and teenagers and solely just for a suggestion. How about considering giving away 0.10 cents to a charity organization or church?

Sharing is a great thing to do, especially for those who in need more than us. I am saying this is not a must and only gives to charity if you are generous and agree with me.

Now the next balance of 0.20 cents is called the use of capital. What is “Capital” means? “Capital” or “Capitalism” is any value you set aside to invested in an enterprise that brings benefits to the market place and hoping to make profits.

Capital is just like the seeds corn that farmers set aside to keep and grow the corn in summertime, hoping to get the harvest in the falls and collect corn again or make profits again.

Since these seeds are held as capital for reinvesting purposes, farmers usually don’t eat all the corn and do the same every season.

It is the same as your money, saving some that you earned every time as capital to make some profits in the future won’t go wrong and not a bad idea.

For the “Capital” that we have, we can divide into two types; one is “Active Capital,” and another is “Passive Capital.” “Active Capital” means you use the money to invest in people to work for you, pay for labor, etc. “Passive Capital” would be using the money to invest in the bank, let the bank use your money to reinvest, and pays interest to you.

If you have a kid at home, you can teach your kid the following formula:

1 Dollar: 0.70 + 0.10 + 0.20 cents

Give your kid 1 Dollar, ask him or her to spend only 0.70 cents, give away 0.10 cents to whoever needed, save 0.20 cents as Capital. (0.10 cents as “Active Capital’, save another 0.10 cents as “Passive Capital.”)

Piggy Bank
I Am Hungry For Money 💰

If you are an adult, the formula of 0.70+0.10+0.20 cents may not work if you have an unfortunate financial situation. Let say you have just earned 100.00 dollars.

You may consider changing the method to $97+$1+$2.

Until your finances are getting better, then back to formula $70+$10+$20.

If you try this to use the formula for every dollar you made, you will be surprised to see how money can grow when you are old. 

You already have enough money for your retirement plan and stay in a worry-free lifestyle. In some cases, you may also need to use your saving money for emergency purposes.

Do remember that it is not the amount counts, and it is the plan is counts. If you do not have any financial plan, this is an excellent time to layout your business plan and think about what to do with your money. You may consider investing in some small cash building your website, writing blogs, and start to make some extra money today.

Each of us has two distinct choices to make about what we will do with our lives.

The first choice we can make is to be less than we can be. To earn less, read less, and think less. To try less and discipline ourselves less. These are the choices that lead to an empty life.

And the second choice is to do everything! To become whoever we want to become. To read every book that we think we read. To earn as much money that we want to make. To give and share as much as we possibly can. To strive and produce and accomplish as much as we probably should.

Jim Ron

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