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The Mental Exercise

Whenever we talk about exercise. Many of us will think about physical exercise like fitness in a gym, a kind of sports, running or jogging. It is nothing wrong to think like that.

We all know that physical exercise is very important to keep our body shape looks good and improve our health.

Let’s us talk about another type of exercise more related to brain-boosting purpose. During this pandemic resulting stay home and self-quarantine, I started to realize that our brain also needs to boost more regularly.

Why Do You Need to Exercise Your Brain?

A Dog Looking At A Book
A Dog Looking At A Book

In other words, it is called “Mental Exercise”, we need to train our brain to stay focus, to have more energy to memorize things or improves memory, to be able to think of solutions for any problem.

Have the ability to face any challenges ahead of us.

Well, anything that to do with our brain determines our action, and our action brings different results in our life.

Thus, mentally prepare certainly has more to do with our brain.

What Type Of Brain Exercise Are Good To Boost Our Brain?

In my humble opinion, there are many things we can do to increase our brain energy. Such as;

  1. Reading more books or write your own books, blogs
  2. Meditation or Yoga
  3. Play Games that require mind problems solving
  4. Learning some new skills, for example, learn new languages, learn a new musical instrument or building a website or blogs, etc.
  5. Teaching others the skills that you already have. For instance, teach others how to dance, self-improvement tactics, etc.

Start Your Mental Exercise Now.

My Brain Is Still Working Well 🤞

It’s all depending on what you like to do more to boost your brain. For myself, I love reading and writing.

I have a very strong belief that reading not only can help to increase our knowledge.

But it also helps us learn how to stay more focused, improve the function of our brain, enhancing our imagination and creativity. Reading regularly could also lower our stress level as well as allow us to sleep better.

In fact, studies have confirmed that reading has many great health benefits. When we read a book with more positive topics such as motivation, self-improvement, or a topic related to our hobby.

Our reading will improve our memory, we will then feel better, less depressed, and become more positive too.

So to say, reading books can sharpen our thinking skills and in the long run, we will become more emotional intelligence.

Another amazing things you may not realize, whenever we want to read, we usually choose to read in a quiet place, alone in our room. At that moment, we will find ourselves so peaceful without any unnecessary interruption.

How Do You Start Reading?

A Man Sitting And Reading
A Man Sitting And Reading

If you are not a person love to ready. You can start your reading habit slowly.

Perhaps, you may start to read a few times in a day, and just a few pages each time you read or set a time just for reading.

Start with 10 – 15 minutes, and then pro-long your reading time after you are more comfortable with the book you are reading.

This is also mean that you need to make some minor chance on your daily routine.

You may need to cut the time you watching television to replace reading instead.

Whenever you have a chance to go out from home, try to stop by a bookshop or library, get ready for some books, and have the discipline ready as per your plan.

Why Is Reading So Important?

I Love Reading 📕

I choose to touch more about reading because reading is my hobby.

A hobby is doing something that you love to do.

When we discuss ways to boost our brain function, it help to grow our mindset and ability.

I urge you to consider reading is one of the important ways.

I am so confident to say this because many self-made millionaires do reads every single day.

No matter how busy they are, they always allocate their time to read, they read about personal growth, economic or investment, etc. Reading is important because it develops your mind.

How Many Pages You Should Read A Week?

The Books
The Books

Although reading is a healthy activity. But if you read too much may also affect your brain’s productivity.

If you are reading again and again without taking a break, it may also cause a bad impact on your eyes.

Many resources found that the average person read around 200 to 300 words in 60 seconds.

If we count by numbers of pages.

An average book reader can read around 20 pages withing half an hour. Let say approximately 175–200 pages per book, in one hour you actually already read 40 pages or 12, 000 words.

To finish ready a book within a week should be able to achieve and it won’t consider too much to read.

My Conclusion About Reading

The First Book I Purchased Ever Since Covid-19 Outbreak

Reading is a process to help us stay focus, it can boost our brain ability.

Reading can help to improve our knowledge and skills. It certainly will benefit our work, business, or even our life.

Reading is just like food for our brains. If you read but feel boring sometimes, try to stop reading first and do something else instead.

But never stop reading forever. Reading will help us to be rich in information, increase your personal values.

Most people show very great respect to the person who has higher knowledge, and most of this kind of person already been very successful.

Because they never stop learning and reading.

Please do not forget to carry your book anywhere you go. The best time to read the books can be anytime, either in the morning, afternoon or before you be time.

Happy Reading!

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies . . . The man who never reads lives only one.” – George R.R. Martin

– George R.R. Martin