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Why Do You Need To Push Your Limits?

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From The Ordinary To Extraordinary.

Many times you may hear someone said…’ Don’t do over your limit.’ From my point of view, let’s compare these two, “Not to do over your limit and “Don’t overdo it,” both have very similar significant meanings, this is because both give a reminder that main for your good and benefits. It’s all depending on with angle you are looking at, the positive or negative side of it. 

You Can Achieve It!
You Can Achieve It!

Push your limits mean work extra harder in order to achieve your goals, or to change from an ordinary to an extraordinary person.

Nevertheless, there is the time we do over our limit or overdo a specific thing. For instance, below are some examples of the “overdo” that mainly have a negative impact on our life.

  1. We may overspend our credit card limit.
  2. We may drink too much alcohol and then got drunk.
  3. We were overthinking too much for what has yet to happen.
  4. We may oversleep and ignore the most important things that we need to accomplish.

What Is Push Your Limits Mean?

When we talk about ‘Push Your Limits”, the true meaning would be you are not limit yourself for what you can do more. You not constrained by your ability. You tend to push yourself and continue to do a little more to get a better result, which can give you a considerable advantage and excellent benefits. 

No Excuse
No Excuse

Why Is It Important To Push Yourself?

Pushing yourself is an opportunity for you to get to know yourself better. It is because you would want to know at what level you can achieve?

What is your real limit, and your capacity and your strength, and it is nothing wrong to push yourself because you are challenging yourself, right? Does it mean you are competing with yourself? Yes! 

How about giving you a few real examples, and please let me know what you think? Let’s say…

  1. Usually, you were running 5-kilometers per day. Now, you have decided to run for 7 kilometers and keep increasing the distance a few kilometers day by day. 
  2. You wake up early than usual to start doing your work or run your business to generate better income.
  3. If you already have a job, but you think that job does not provide security. Push yourself to find more than one income stream to increase your wealth.
  4. You start to push yourself to increase the intake of vegetables and fruits and drink a sufficient amount of water to improve your health. 
  5. You decided to have a more extended meditation to enhance your mind peacefulness. 
  6. You increase your regular reading from 100 pages to 200 pages a book each day because you wanting to gain better knowledge. 

Push self-limits are like a kind of motivation, and it is something that you have decided to stay out of your comfort zone daily. It should be things that you are not forcing yourself to do more; you should be a volunteer to do so, and you are happy to do it.

One important point to take note, you are not doing it with pressure or stress, but it always makes sense to push your limits with high motivation and passion.

While you are pushing yourself, it is also better to have the specific goals that you want to achieve in your mind. And your objective of push yourself is noticeable, and you are clear about what you are doing. 

How To Push Yourself To Your Limits? 

It Is Always Possible
It Is Always Possible

Usually, if you are someone already work on whatever goals you want to accomplish, at some point in time, you may tend to push yourself to reach the destination.

Whenever you don’t push your limits so hard, maybe at that particular time, you are feeling overwhelmed or your physical condition not allow.

It would be best if you seriously took a short break. You need to recharge. 

If you do not have any physical issues, you may need to adjust your thinking, rebuild your motivation. Read more motivational books or listen to a self-development podcast. Always think that “You Can!’ is the key. Set yourself a new timeline and find some new inspirations. 

Another way is to set a reminder, track your activities, record the status of your progress. And then try to be more disciplined and have the initiative wanting to do more.

Ask yourself why you need to push harder, once you got the answer, occasionally it will drive you to increase your stamina once you get the response. 

No Fear
No Fear

What If I Still Can’t Push Myself Harder? 

Perhaps, this time you may want to try to look at your weakness, target your weaknesses, and take corrective action.

In some cases, you may need an additional tool or upgrade to a better tool to hit your goals. 

Another unique way to start pushing yourself harder is to use your imagination. Try to amazing you already make it there. The power of your vision may drive you to work harder.

If it is too tricky to imagine, you may also take a look at the people that already reached where you want to go, think of them and how they did it, then push your limits again. 

It is understandable that sometime you can’t just push your limits to everything. Then, try not to push yourself but change your plan or strategy. Once, a friend of mine ever told me, “It is okay to bend the rule, but do not break the rules.” another friend said to me that ‘It is okay to break the rules sometimes’.

All those statements can be very confusing, but the fact is…’ Never Stop, Never Quit!”, it is always possible.

One more essential point is, if you don’t try to push to your limits, you will never chance to discover how much you can do, you can never learn new in you. Sometimes miracle happens, especially if you can dream it, you can achieve it.

You will never know your limits unless you push yourself to them.


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