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There Is No Success Without A Failure.

The fact is, many success happens after several failures. And some failures are such a pitty as the individual may not knowing that the victory was very close to reaching him, yet he gives up before first. 

Nevertheless, I would say success has its unique value in it. Because of each failure, you tend to understand yourself better. You know better what are the mistake you have made to cause the crash. 

Failure will also make you realize, and you will start to analyze and search for a better way, start to reconsider, and plan new tactics to pursue your dreams. 

When you replace “why is this happening to me” with “what is this trying to teach me?”, everything shifts.


What Are The Causes Of Failure?

Yes I Can! 😊
  1. Shortness of discipline – without being discipline for what you want to achieve, your dream will only halfway through, and hard to get there. Only a person with self-discipline will have the stability and consistency to keep going without any excuses. Often you need to stay out of your comfort zone before your success.  
  2. Lack of training – The more skill you are, the more productive, creative, and innovative you will be. Besides, you also require a lot of practicing before you can become genuinely skillful in what you are doing. 
  3. Reduced Self-confidence – If you want to have more confidence, first, you need to have self-believe. And, the imaginary part is, others will start to believe you too. People will also begin to have confidence in you too. They will find you are attractive and very motivated.  
  4. They are not learning from past mistakes – Somehow, this may be related to an attitude of never change to be better. 
  5. Lack of luck – In life, luck does play a minor percentage. It is something you uncontrollable, and you need to give another try again. Just do not give up so easily. You will be fine. 
  6. Out of focus – Dreams and goals are main to be a focus. Only stay focus will allow you to produce high performance and bring you closer to your dream.  

Is failure A Necessary Part Of Success?

Congratulations To Our Success!

Failure can be harrowing uncomfortable, painful, and discourage. Yes, it is part of our life. Like the old people saying…”No Pain No Gain”.

Most importantly, the experiences and lessons that we have learned after every failure are so valuable, precious, and priceless.

Most failures are the stepping stones to success. 

However, to step from failure to success does need the significant courage to do it. You need to overcome the fear created after each failure. Take a short break if you need to.

And then put a new strategy again and work on it. Failure is not the end of the world. Tell yourself it is okay to fail. It is not a big deal. Everyone has the most significant shortcomings in their life. Behind every success is an enormous fail. 

Finally, I Make It! 💪

The truth is, failure can only make you a more reliable, smarter, more energetic, healthier mindset, precise, but yet more flexible.

And it will give you a new determination to be a success, rebuild your confidence.   

Every story of success comes from failure. There are many good examples. Jack Ma’s life is possibly one of the famous successful peoples in the world.

He failed primary school twice and middle school three times. He also failed his university entrance exam three times. He also was unable to work in KFC for more than ten times. 

Source: https://www.ccamonash.com.au/articles/2018/1/2/jack-ma-a-story-of-success-through-failure

I sincerely hope this short article gives up a bit of motivation as much as I need. Cheers! 

Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.”

Winston S. Churchill

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