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Moving From A Problem Focused To Solution-Focused Mindset.

According to experts, 95% of the world population has problems, only 5% able to solve their problems. It seems like almost every one of us has problems, only different is not the same issues and not at the same time.

Problem and Solution Focusing are related to each other at all times, and in my humble opinion, it is a critical topic to share and discuss together.

If we keep thinking of our problems rather than focus on the solution to the issues, I think we are going to waste a lot of our time and energy. We may feel exhausted due to fear and over-worry.

What Are The Commons Problems In Our Life? 

A Man Sitting And Thinking Of His Problems
A Man Sitting And Thinking Of His Problems

I think the biggest Problem in our life is how to handle our own emotions.

Some other problems of life could be…

  1. Sometimes we may have problems with how to live in our community and how to socialize with peoples around us. 
  2. Most people may have problems shortage of money to spend on what they need, what they want, or buying foods to feed themselves, their children, or loved ones. 
  3. Sometimes we may experience problems with the things that we already have or use every day, such as mobile phones, computers, toilets, cars, etc. 
  4. Problems that due to climate change, such as air and water pollution problems. 
  5. Political issues and massive corruption can also cause a lot of problems in its community or individual in the country. 

In short, there are problems everywhere. 

Problems & Solutions
Problems & Solutions

How To focus On Solutions Rather Than Problems?

My advice would be. First, we need to change our mindset of looking at only problems and then moving to focus on solutions. But before doing that, it is essential first to analyze the problem, identify and find what the cause of the issues is.

Maybe you already have a similar problem before and recall again how you resolved that Problem. If the way you have tried before, and it not work for you, find a new approach from several resources, ask for help or advice if you need to do so, then decide which solution is the best, and finally, take action.

What I mention may sound very easy. Hence, I do not mean it will work 100%, but this is the basis of problems solving. Nevertheless, I found out some unsolve problems just gone away from our life. It sounds extraordinary, right?

Why Identifying The Problem Is Important?

Problem-solving is in our daily life. Many employees in big companies are doing problem-solving roles. For individuals like you and me, we are solving our problems every day too. And, logically, the more problems we can solve, the smarter and stable we will become.

To identifying Problem before finding the solutions is the find the “Why?”, and then we figure out the “How?” to determine the solutions or answers to fix them.

The Feeling After Problem Solved
The Feeling After Problem Solved

Why Not Focus On Problems? 

Try not to focus on the Problem when you feel unwell, having negative emotions, or low in mood.

Go to get some fresh air, have a walk, and make your mind clear first. Forget about the Problem for a while. And, when you are ready, back to focus and identify the Problem.

Try to listen to the advice given by others with understanding and analyzing at the same time.

Most importantly, you must see the ‘Problem” as an opportunity. Do not see the problem as a problem; if you do, you may have more problems. Focus on the possibilities, and then you may realize you will have more opportunities to solve the problems.

How To Become More Solution-focused?

Stay FOCUS 👀

Having a mindset of “Know-how” is vital. You need to find out what will work, what will not work.

If you have more than one problem at the same time, try to write down on a list and then set the priorities by identifying which problems to solve first.

And most importantly, keep on going and do not give up too quickly. Remember to take a break if you need to, and then start again.

Is There A Solution To Every Problem?

YES, if we think “Problem” is an “Opportunity”. You may hear about this short and unusual story…

Once upon a time, a slipper shoe factory owner has decided to expand his slipper shoe business by sell products to an African country. To do so, he assigned his two sons to visit the country to do the market survey. When both sons are back to his father…

The elder son commented: “Dad, there is a problem, I hardly see anyone in that country is wearing the shoe, let us do not waste our time sell the shoe to the country.

However, here how the older son commented:

“Dad, since there are so many peoples does not wear the footwear in the country, I think it is an excellent opportunity for our business, we could start with educating them the importance of wearing the show and then sell our shoe to them.

Well, it seems a simple story, but the meaning has a vast difference. I do hope you do agree with me on this.

Do What is Right 🤞

What Are The Keys Problem-solving Skills? 

  1. Try to listen by heart instead of only by ears. 
  2. Make analysis and research. 
  3. Be more creative and create more options. 
  4. Excellent communication skills. 
  5. Be confident in making a decision.

My Conclusion. 

An excellent problem solver is usually coming from a good thinker. They do not waste time stick to the Problem, they do not get overly emotional when faced with a problem. They usually see problems as life challenges and experiences, and they will do their best to overcome all sorts of problems.

Focus on the solutionnot on the problem.

Jim Ron

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