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The Truth Is, No One Has Never Regretted Before.

Yes, sometimes, we all regret what we have done. The choices that we have made. It is something that can’t be changed anymore. So, why live with regret? 

I wish I remember
I wish I remember 🤨

To many people, the word “Regret” is something that sounds negative, and it’s like you blame yourself for what had happened.

If you think from a different angle, I think yes, we should live with no regrets. Instead, we should learn from our past experiences and mistake then move forward with our life. Do you agree with me? 

However, I do believe that some of our experiences can be very painful. It just too hard to be forgotten. But again, it is almost impossible to undo whatever choice that we have made, that resulting ourselves or others felt sad, broken, and lost.

I remembered I have read from somewhere, it said, “Living with regrets it like we are living with our past”. But when I think again, in the past we also have a lot of times that we felt delighted, joyful and excited, don’t you think so?

Meaning we should not regrets, we should live in the present and enjoy the current moment. 

What Is The Meaning of Regrets?

This Is Not Me, I Won’t Regrets

The reason you regret is not about what happened to you: a situation that out of your control. It’s more about the decision that you have made.

And, the result is not up to what you expected. Usually, it’s something terrible or negative that happened because of your action. 

Or, due to your decision and your activity, you have lost a lot of saving or hard-earned money. Giving an example, you had involved in gambling, or you had decided to spend unnecessary money in some kind of quick rich scheme set up by online scammer. 

In short, it was not going to the way you wanted. Also, it could be something that you should do, and you forget about it. And then due to your forgetfulness or your carelessness, that brought a massive impact on your life.

Some people may end up becoming an alcoholic, drink, and drink almost every day, or worst then that is taking the drug and become a drug addict. 

In a particular case, regrets also lead you to feel guilty about what you have done. You feel sorry for did that. And, whenever you think about it again, and you maybe become fear, feel embarrassed, less confidence, unable to focus, think only on the downside.

Despite those feelings, you can’t move forward to do something new or better for your life and your future. 

How To Live Life With No Regrets?

Tell Me How? 🙄

Somehow, the good news after regrets is something can be very positive. after each incident, you may tell yourself like this; 

  1. I won’t let it happen again. 
  2. I will never fail again. 
  3. I won’t forget it again. 
  4. I will make it happen. 
  5. I won’t give up.
  6. I will try again. 
  7. I will not regret it anymore. 
  8. I will learn something new and master it.

Try to build up more self-value. Always keep in mind that regrets will only kill you slowly.

Having more positive thinking and also motivate yourself to look and work for a brighter future.

I Am Sure I Can Make It!
I Am Sure I Can Make It! 😎

Set a new goal and work on it. And learn from others, mixing with an individual or a group of positive mindset peoples.

They will surely encourage you not to look back to the past and accept you for who you are.

Now you can say that regret is an opportunity to push you to become a better person. And, always remember to be more careful and having extra cautious when come to make an essential decision in the future.

Another key message is practice better self-control; this will helps whenever you need to take a crucial action. 

The 11 Ways How To Avoid Regret In Life Again? 

I am Being Myself Again 🥰

Make a list starting from “I wish I…”. Giving a few examples: 

  1. I wish I think twice. 
  2. I wish I had learned more about it. 
  3. I wish I listen more carefully.
  4. I wish I practice more. 
  5. I wish I don’t be so ego.
  6. I wish I don’t be so greedy. 
  7. I wish I think about my loved one first before I did that. 
  8. I wish I follow my inner voice. 
  9. I wish I care more 
  10. I wish I don’t waste so much time on the things that do not bring any value to my life. 
  11. I wish I don’t drink and drive

My Conclusion: 

Regrets are something unavoidable in life. It does not mean it is unhealthy. As a human being, we had to regrets to become a better human being. Accept the reality and forgive yourself, calm yourself down whenever you are angry.

Learn from your mistake and learn how to correct them. And do not make the same mistake again. For some people, practicing yoga or meditation has advantages in their life to live without regrets. 

You’ll seldom experience regret for anything that you’ve done. It is what you haven’t done that will torment you. The message, therefore, is clear. Do it! Develop an appreciation for the present moment. Seize every second of your life and savor it. Value your present moments. Using them up in any self-defeating ways means you’ve lost them forever.

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