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Health Is Wealth. 

A healthy living lifestyle often refers to the way how we live, our daily well-being. No one wants to get sick; nobody loves to visit hospitals or seeing doctors. All of us prefer to live longer. Being healthy includes eating well, being active physically, how you manage your stress level, how you control your weight, how well you sleep, how you enjoy your sex life, and many more…

Only when you have good health can you enjoy many things in your life, and you can have the energy to make more money and create a better wealth.  

Is a Healthy Lifestyle Important To You? 

OMG! Doctors
Doctors Are My Hero

Please accept my apology, and I am sure that I am asking a foolish question 😅.

However, the reason I am still asking the same question is that it would be the same answer I have for myself now, and before that, it was the opposite.

A long time ago, I always thought that we all need to build our wealth first to stay healthy.

That is because I always thought the money could buy health.

For instance, before we are getting any sickness or severe illness, we can use the money that we earned to buy a lot of right supplements to feed our body, we can pay for the gym membership and hire an instructor.

Don't Forget to Check Your Heart Rate
Don’t Forget to Check Your Heart Rate❤️

Whenever we got sick, we can consult an excellent doctor or visit an expensive hospital.

When time goes by, then I realized that is not true for those I mentioned earlier. There are many more things that we can do to stay healthy—primarily based on fiscally, mentally, and all other facts that we never know, or we already know that we should avoid or continue to do it.

At this moment (March 2020, Coronavirus Outbreak Period), I feel unfortunate seeing many people have suffered from the Covid-19 virus. The virus attacks anyone without looking at either the person is poor or rich, man or woman.

However, I think this crisis doesn’t mean everything is going to be bad for everybody, although it affects many peoples, companies, and the economy of many countries.

In any worst situation, there are still some opportunities that existed. Just like a coin always have two faces. We need to find out and discover it.

You can’t enjoy wealth if you’re not in good health.


Let’s put the topic of the Coronavirus crisis at the side, and let assume this virus doesn’t exist at the moment. Even any kind of infection appears again in our life, there are few ways we should avoid getting infected, such as wash your hand regularly, practice distancing from the crowd and avoid travel to a high-risk country. 

Here Are Ways To Achieve A Healthy Lifestyle And Live Longer. 

I Want To Live As Long As I Could 😇

To keep it simple, to achieve a healthy lifestyle can be divide into two essential categories. 

Body – What you put in your body? How you treat your body? 

Mind– The way you think, your mindset, your knowledge about a health topic, your attitude, emotions towards others, your living environment, etc. 

You Are What You Eat

☛ Try to eat the most healthy ways, and please avoid eating too many deep-fried foods such as fried chicken, burgers, or french fries.

Eat only something fully cooked rather than raw foods.

Buy more vegetables, fruits to store in your fridge, put less salt and sugar while cooking.

I Only Eat What Is Good For Me

Drink more water every day. You may also try a glass of warm lemon or lime water every alternate morning.

I am sure this would be good for your body and digestion too. 

☛ Drink less alcohol. Please DO NOT drink and Drive, be responsible to yourself and others on the road. 

☛ If you are a smoker, you may try to smoke less, and I don’t mean you need to quit smoking. Keeping yourself a little busy may help you not feel like to smoke so much. 

☛ Be physically active every day. If you are a person who works at home, going for a walk in the morning or late afternoon is necessary. Or, doing some cleaning work at home could be a great ideal too.

It not only keep your place clean but also improves your blood circulation, your heart health and keep your body fit and in beautiful shape too.

☛ Monitor and maintain your body weight. Eat only at the portion that enough for you. 

☛ Do more sports activities. These include swimming, biking, basketball, tennis, and so much more to do, depending on your hobbies. * Don’t be lazy😅

☛ If you have a life partner, do your regular sexual activity. If you don’t, quickly find one. When you are fit, it also benefits your sex life. Numerous studies have shown that active sex life can help to prolong our life.

Another study found out that sex can lower the risk of heart attacks, strokes, and other heart diseases.

☛ Don’t forget to sleep for at least 6-8 hours a day. Have a sweet dream.

Let's Get Fit 💪
Let’s Get Fit 💪

Your Mindset Can Change You

☛ Try to read more books. 

☛ Listen to the podcast on health topics. 

☛ Try meditation to keep your mind more focused. 

☛ Be more disciplined and always don’t be shy to say no to unhealthy foods, negative peoples, and often visit places with a lot of natural trees, green mountains, or blue seaside.

☛ Keep a good relationship with your love partner, family members. Be thoughtful, forgive, and forget. 

☛ Not being too stress or overthinking that can lead to your life becomes too complicated.

☛ Try to be happy and often laugh. If you can’t smile, try to watch some comedy movies or tv programs. 

☛ Being healthy should be part of your lifestyle. Only when you are in good health and good mood, ultimately, you will have full energy to work and look for more money.

If you are an employee of a company, you will have better ideas on how to turn your active income into passive income and retire happily. 

★ If you found that I missed any other vital points on the above topic, please feel free to leave your comment below, and I promise I will reply to your comment. Thank You!

God Blessed & Cheers! 🍷



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