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Why Do You Need To Walk More?

When it comes to planning to flatten your belly fat, have you ever wondering or asking yourself before? Between walking or running, which way helps to achieve your goals faster and efficient? This question may sound simple, but yet it is essential for our health. Especially for those who dislike going to the gym, exercise, or being active for their health benefits.

I Need To Get Rid Of This, Please Help! 😭

In my opinion, depending on your preference. Walking can be enjoyable, especially if you are walking with your friends, colleagues or family members. Let’s say that if you walk long enough, between 45 minutes to 1 hour, or walk for at least up to 10,000 steps combine in a day, it helps to burn your body fat, not just your belly fat. Running can be overwhelmed, especially for those middle age onward.

The Reason That Cause Big Belly.

One of the reasons that cause fat belly may occur due to you are sitting for a long time without standing up to walk around. Expected suggested that to stand up and make body movement after every hour of sitting, especially for a person who requires to work in front of a computer, online entrepreneur, designers, etc. Another reason may due to the type of foods you have been eating or drinking.

Hence, how could you possibly remind yourself to stand up from your chair every one hour? The good news is, with a smartwatch will surely resolve this problem. It will automatically tell you to stand up whenever it found out that you have been sitting over an hour. In addition to tracking the number of steps, you have been walking in a day, your heart rate and sleep performance, etc.

If you are not in a hurry to burn your belly, walking still the best solutions, it won’t make you feel too tired or over dehydrated. You do not require special equipment for walking, unlike gym or fitness. However, try to put on a good quality pair shoe that design for walking is necessary; it will walk you walk more comfortably. I am confident that walking is the most cheaper and easier way to exercise.

Don’t Stop, Keep walking.

More Benefits of Walking.

Other great benefits of walking are you get to enjoy a better view, especially when you are walking in the park. You also get to enjoy the better fresh air you walk in the morning. It is also resulting in carrying a better mood for the rest of the day and reduce your stress level.

Moreover, during every walk, you may come out with some new experiences, ideas, or inspirations that work well for your job, business, or your life.

Please Walk With Me, My Darling. 🤗

 Walking together through all kinds of weather, friends we are that have stayed together. In fair times and foul, you’ve been steady. This is a rare and wonderful thing. I know I can always count on you. That means the world to me.”


Why Do You Lose Belly Fat?

Whether you are a female or male, youth, or an adult, you won’t want to have a big belly like I use to have because it doesn’t make us look good. We all deserve a flat stomach to able able to show off. Everyone loves to put on a nice and beautiful dress especially when attending a house or a wedding party. Somehow having a flat belly will also allow you to have better confidence.

From the health aspect, having a big belly could lead to a higher chance of having heart disease or diabetes. Often people who have big belly can easily feel tired quicker, they also can’t run faster than people who have a bigger belly.

Let’s Try Belly Dancing. 💃

What Can You Do To Increase Your Steps?

In general, walking helps you to burn your calories. Whenever you have the chance to walk instead of driving, take a bus, or other public transport. If the distance is not that far, the road allows you to walk to the destination you want to go, and the weather is good, try to choose to walk instead.

You can lose weight by walking even for just 30 minutes to walk a day. You may be surprised to see you start to burn 100 -300 calories by just walking. If you walk every day, chances of burning 1500 -3000 calories a week are absolutely possible. How it is sound to you if you could burn 6000-12000 calories a month?

From today, walk to the supermarket, church, cafe, fishing, or any other activities that are suitable for you to walk. If you have a pet, I am pretty sure your pet will love to have a walk you every day.

What Else Can You Do Beside Walking?

Since we are discussing walking reducing belly fat. I do believe you won’t agree that belly can reduce just by walking. It is undoubtedly also depending on the type of foods we are eating.

The study suggested avoiding foods that contain a lot of trans fats or sugary foods. Focus more on foods that contain more soluble fiber and high protein. Reduce as many refined carbs as possible. Avoid or reduce French Fries, all kinds of deep-fried foods.

Most importantly, refrain from drink alcohol. And, one last piece of advice is to skip eating supper or cut there the portion of the dinner plate. In short, we should not sleep with foods full in our stomach. 😁

Being Active Is Part of My Lifestyle

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